Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Senses - 1/30/10

Sight:  Barbie cases on wheels (good idea in thought, but now all the girls do is stock pile their crap in there), Princess Crocs - I wish I had cool looking Crocs instead of boring colored ones.
Hear:  The girls chattering downstairs, probably destroying the toy room as I type, cartoons (why do I still have them on if no one is in the room?)
Feel:  The soft microfiber recliner (hubby is at the gym, so I'm taking advantage of sitting in "his" recliner). 
Smell:  Coffee fresh and ready; all my Scentsy warmers filling the house with their yumminess (totally made that word up). I will be hosting a party next week, and will make a shameless plug.  Go check it out, it won't hurt to just look. 
Taste:  Coffee, as much as I need my coffee, I really do despise the after taste and will be rushing to go brush my teeth again. 

Go check out the host, Rebecca, she's hysterical! 

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  1. I love your new word! The cartoons...I do that too! Imagine wanting prettier Crocs - is that even possible??? ;) Just kidding!


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