Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Infertility Rollercoaster

Wow, life surely is a rollercoaster ride.....
Cody and I had, had many conversations about increasing our family size sooner then later.  We weighed all our options, and with Cody still having two years left in the army, there is a possibility that he may have to deploy one more time before getting out.  Since he was so lucky to miss Addyson's entire first year of life, we did not want that to happen to our next child.  We made a decision to try and conceive while he was home on R&R (around Xmas 2007); which is not as easy as it seems. 
After having Addyson I thought everything was going to look up for me (as far as getting a regular period, etc).  Well, that ended around September.  I gave it until October and decided that I would indeed need to refer back to fertility drugs (i.e. Clomid) to get pregnant.  I called my doctor (now that I have a doctor I can call----thank you United Healthcare) and we put forth a plan of trying to get me pregnant during those 20 days Cody would be home.  We had it all planned out, and if everything worked out then we would indeed be able to conceive while Cody was home on R&R. 
The journey to conceive was causing a tremendous amount of anxiety for me.  Why?  I swore I would not get my period after taking my progesterone.  Finally...10 days after finishing Clomid she arrived (and it just so happened to be the day after Cody arrived home) --- ironic?  Very!  It was a blessing in disguise, that is for sure.  I started taking my OPK tests the day after finishing clomid, and again was very discouraged.  Would the lines every be the same???  Finally, on January 3, 2008 I got a positive OPK and ran back into the bedroom (mind you my old bedroom back home in Illinois ---- that's a whole other story) and announced with delight it was time.  LOL! 
Cody's R&R was extended until mid January, because his mother passed away while he was home on R&R.  With all the stress of traveling to Illinois and my MIL passing away, I had truly given up on TTC and did not believe that I would get a positive HPT.  Since Cody's leave was extended, I was able to test while he was home, and day after day I get coming back to bed pissed off.  I so badly wanted a positive HPT.  On day 10, I saw a faint line, a line I swore I was make believing.  I woke Cody up and told him to take a look and he said that yes, there definitely was a line.  OMG OMG!!!  YAY!!!  Then, began my obsession with testing daily twice a day to verify that I was pregnant and that the line was getting darker.  The day before Cody was to head back to Iraq I had my blood drawn and at 12DPO my HCG level was 124 (which was a great number).  So, I felt a little relief, of course until my next levels were drawn..... 

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