Tuesday, January 11, 2011


1.  The monkeys have said the following:
     A.  Oh my gosh
     B.  Jeeeeezuss
     C.  What the heck?
     D.  All of the above
     E.  A and C

2.  And....

     A.  1, 2, 3....you are going to go to your room!
     B.  You make me sad
     C.  Leave me awone
     D.  God damnit
     E.  All of the above

The answers are:  and E.  I'm blaming my husband and the move for "Jeeeezus" and "God damnit."  He does not do well with moving and/or stressful situations and is still learning to watch his language around the monkeys.  The movie Toy Story 3 is to blame for "What the Heck?"  (I know the exact scene it occurs), and I'll take blame for the other ones.  See, I'm not always to blame for the things these monkeys say.


  1. Tot is a big fan of God damn it. We can also thank her Daddy.

  2. You reminded me of a funny story from when Lauren was about 3. We stopped at a store and her shoe fell off in the car. She looked at it and said "Oh shit, my shoe". I had to have a little talk with my mom afterwards because that is where she heard the word.

    It's amazing how much they pick up from listening to adults!


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