Saturday, January 22, 2011


Comments I hear weekly:  "You are pregnant again?!"  "Wow that was fast!"  "Oops."  "You'll have your hands full."  "You must be extremely fertile."
I want to scream!!!!  It is so easy for all of us to simply judge a book by it's cover
I'm hating it lately, and I think it all really got to me this afternoon.  My sister called and she was explaining to me her pregnancy test and still not getting her period.  Friday will be 6 weeks since her m/c and the doctor told her that she should get her period within 4-6 weeks.  She so badly wants to be pregnant again, and is stressing like we all have done or do.  I'm telling her to go get more tests and to test in a couple days in the morning and look at the test within the stated time limit, and not any later.  The following comment is what really hit me hard in my throat, "Why buy any more tests?  I'm sick of being disappointed.  If I'm not pregnant then let me get my period."  I understand the whole wanting to just know and to not be in limbo any more, been there done that many times.  But, what really bothered me was the part where she explains getting disappointed (two different times now within the past 6 weeks). 
I felt forgotten at that moment.  The year long battle to finally get some answers was squashed, as if it never existed.  Instead I am fertile, because I have 1 child and am expecting 2 more.  Is it really that easy for others to forget or ignore the possibility that it isn't easy to get pregnant once children have entered the picture.  You think you have been disappointed??  You are talking to the wrong woman!  But, I just hold it in, knowing that she has forgotten, and is indeed disappointed.  Don't get me wrong, I did want to go off on a little tangent, but I realized that it would not do any good...and what would it help me do?  I don't want pity...I'm better then that.  I just took a gulp and kept it all in. 
How many of us feel that our own struggle with IF is forgotten or ignored (especially by those we hold close to our hearts)?
I'm not asking for people to dwell on it, but I don't want it all to be forgotten.  For me, I will and can NOT forget the struggle.  

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