Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - drinks it is

  • This has not been a good week.  
  • Stress levels through the roof. 
  • I had three days of PTA madness.  
  • Addy had her first dance team (different than regular class) practice.  At some point the little gum drop will have to learn the routine without assistance.  
  • Kinsley got her referrals lined up for the cardiologist and pulmonologist; one is next week the other in October.  
  • I got back on the treadmill this week and hope to at least exercise three times a week more regularly.
  • Follow up from my vein procedure was a ten minute conversation and check of the leg.  All is well.  
  • I had meet the teacher night last night, and Addy did not say one word to the teacher.  But, when we got home she said she was so excited to go to school.  Less than a handful of days left until we send her off.  Sigh.
  • With all that happened this week, drinks with some ladies are awaiting me this evening and it can't come soon enough.  
  • May you all enjoy your last weekend of summer.  We have quite a bit planned and I am hoping it goes slowly as I am a ball of nerves sending my oldest to school.  
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spelling assistance

If you were to make a sign that reads:  "I am a Kindergartener" would you spell it as kindergartener or kindergardener?

I have seen both ways and am not sure which is correct.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


People, this whole starting school mess is about to choke me with anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, etc.

One week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the weekend approaching quickly and Addy's last days at home before the majority of her days are spent in school for the next 17 years lessen, I want to make sure I have done enough.

  • Has her time at home been memorable?  
  • Have I spent enough QUALITY time with her?  
  • Have I made her happy enough?  

Yes, those questions circle round and round my head and I am wondering (i.e. freaking the freak out):  Should I do one more special activity with her before she starts school?  Will a one-on-one lunch date with mommy suffice?

HELP!!!  This mommy is struggling.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Order of Operations

(Eleven children + Eleven adults) (planning a Disney trip) + my OCD = ______________

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Parents of school-aged children

I have questions, loads of questions that I need help answering, please?

  1. When packing a lunch - evenings or mornings?  
  2. Which cups do NOT leak?
  3. How many ice packs do you use?
  4. How much time do you give your little one in the morning?  Addy can be at school from 7:45 - 8:00, we live less than three minutes away.  Should I wake her an hour ahead of leaving or thirty minutes? 
  5. What do you wish you would have known or prepared for before having one of your kiddos start school?
I know I have loads of questions and concerns in my head, which hopefully will be answered when meeting the teacher this upcoming week, but this is a start.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - Volunteering

  • Eleven days and we will be sending off to all day Kindergarten.  Freaking out on so many levels. 
  • This week was draining.  
  • Apparently, Eligh is one talented little boy.  He was able to drain his own ears from an ear infection.  But, the cold symptoms are still lingering. 
  • Addy and Eligh have started soccer practices, which are two days a week.  Poor Addy is one of two girls on the team.  But, Addy is really loving soccer.  Eligh is adjusting and hopefully when this cold goes away he will be able to put forth all of his energy.  
  • I am not only volunteering with the PTA, but some how I am also the fundraising coordinator.  The drama of this group of women, in the three meetings we have had thus far is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  
  • The highlight of the week for my three were the arrival of cowboy/girl boots and matching hats from Grandma.  
  • The girls have a birthday party tomorrow and next week we add in dance practice, PTO meetings, meet the teacher night, doctor appointments, and more soccer practices. 
Stop by our host, Danifred, and give her a sprinkle of extra time.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stewing and brewing

I have to get it all out....this week has consumed me.

I took Kinsley in early this week for a cold that has left her winded  She has been "diagnosed" with asthma for a year now and has been on meds to treat it this whole time, with no real improvement (which I planned on discussing in just a few weeks when she turns four - yes, four!).  I wanted the doc to give me something to help her breath comfortably as the regular and rescue inhalers were doing nothing.  We saw a different doc who was very thorough and actually looked through her whole record and made corrections to medications that were listed and various dosages, etc.  What I hoped would be a quick, "here let's do a breathing treatment" type appointment, turned into more than I was prepared for.

The doc first ordered a newer chest X-ray and another prescription to see if it is more allergies versus asthma.  I had a hunch that the doc would also refer her to a pulmonologist (but in September at her routine appointment), but she went ahead and did a referral now.  Basically the doctor said that if she is not getting better then it is probably not asthma and could be allergies, but with her already taking singular daily for many, many months she should not have these symptoms.  Hopefully, the pulmonologist will help get her correctly diagnosed and figured out.

BUT, then, the doc also states that she is going to refer her to a cardiologist (a what?!) because she could hear a heart murmur.  Seriously, what just happened?!  I about broke down in the room, as I not only am I being thrown for a loop I also have the pleasure of having all three kiddos with me while trying to process everything.

It was simply an overwhelming day, and the worry is still sitting there brewing, but as the days go on it gets pushed further down as we wait for referrals to go through and get more doctor appointments lined up.  I know that the heart murmur could be or couldn't be present as well as not at all be a thing to worry about.  I do.  I just need to get to that point.  Right now, though, I am still stewing with frustration, fear, and worry.  So, here we wait....which is the worst form of torture out there.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Talking Tuesday - Woman

Dinner table discussion (had to do with being a mommy or simply being too bossy).

Addyson: "I am not a mommy, I am a woman. Just a woman, ok?"

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kinder reservations

Many little ones are starting or have already started school for the year, but not us.  Which, I am perfectly fine with the extra time at home with my three, as I feel summer simply goes by way too fast.  In about two weeks, Addy will be off to all day kindergarten and the twins will be stuck with their mommy at home, again.  I am trying to talk to Addyson about school and get her excited, but am not having much luck.  

Tonight after Addy's bath (second of the day), I asked, "Are you excited to start kindergarten soon?"  

Addyson:  Tears forming in her eyes "No, mommy.  I don't want to go to kindergarten.  I am going to cry a lot!"

Mommy:  "Why?  It will be SOOOO much fun!"

Addyson:  "I just want to stay home with you.  I am going to miss you, and it is going to be way too long.  How long am I going to have to be there?"

Mommy:  "I promise it will be fun!  You will learn lots of new stuff (yes, I said stuff), meet new friends, play outside, have lunch at school, etc.  I will pick you up from school every day and we will have plenty of time to play after school."

Addyson:  Still crying and burying her head in my chest. 

Mommy:  "Let's go get dressed and talk about this when it gets closer."

Sigh....that first day of school is going to be a rough one I fear.  I KNOW I am supposed to be tough and show her how how excited I am for her, and I am putting on a brave face, but my heart is aching to stop time and not let her go just yet.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Two days this past week Addy and daddy escaped for fishing while us sickleys rested.

Today we simply had to get out of the house. No one had a fever, simply a dry cough. We tried out some miniature golfing for the first time. Entertaining, indeed.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


This little girl
has simply been anything BUT her adorable, cuddly, sweet, well-mannered self.  The child has been possessed, it is the only explanation to explain the throwing on the floor fits, stomping of the feet, whining, crying, screaming, smart ass comments over taking her.  This sickness (I hope) is the reason for this new personality or I simply will need to go to the crazy floor.  

Three out of the five of us are dealing with the sick and it can seriously leave yesterday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Must get back to a routine

I had "Talking Tuesday" and "Wordless Wednesday" posts in my head drafted and ready to go.  Then, Tuesday night after celebrating a friend's 30th birthday, I get woken up three times with Kinsley.  The third time equaled projectile vomit all over her bedroom floor and when I thought she was done, I carefully carried her to the bathroom for her to continue to spray the carpet.  I spent the night shampooing carpets and finally passing out around 2 a.m.  She sounds congested and has a low grade fever.

Last night the itchy throat started with me.  I am doomed.  So much for getting back into a routine after ten days of visitors.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The no update, update

I know I left you all hanging with my last post, but I am not any closer to any real news.  All I know is that Cody's dad is having severe medical issues and we are not sure if it is terminal, alcohol related, or what.  Since his family is ass backwards it is extremely hard to find out any thing, especially the truth in matters.  Cody and his father have not really had a relationship most of his life, and for him, it is hard to even feel or process it all.

This week I am dedicating myself to getting into a routine.  We have had my mom visiting for a week, a friend I haven't seen in three years visited right after for the weekend, and this week begins soccer practices.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We are in a holding period of possible traumatic news.

Will update when more is known.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Free gym/paid gym/no gym

Now that my vein procedure has been taken care of and my follow up u/s are all good, I am ready to get back into a work out routine.

Addy starts school after Labor Day, so the "real" routine will start then. I have three options:

1. Free gyms on base:
•No child care
•Evenings only - I hate working out
in the evening and we have dance
and soccer starting up very soon
as well.

2. Paid gym
•24 hours
•Child care - sort of: kids aren't
watched in room, unless it gets
crowded or during a class.
Someone is always near to keep
an eye and eat out for them, but no
one actually sits in the room with
•Buy a stamp card for child care,
but "supposedly" only gets
stamped if it's busy or during a
•$30 a month and possibly the
added punch card maybe $50 a
•Small gym, not crowded

3. No gym
•I "could" be creative and work out
at home
•Treadmill, weights, and resistance
•No child care
•Kids join in with my exercises

I'm giving myself until the twins' day to make a commitment and trying to weigh my options.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mom thunder

My mom is visiting - which means going balls to the wall from morning to late evening. We are all beat! Plus, add in some actual thunderstorms (yay for rain), but we have scaredy cat children, thus this exhausted mommy has not been getting very much sleep.

I declare this visit with my mom, "mom thunder."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012