Monday, August 6, 2012

Free gym/paid gym/no gym

Now that my vein procedure has been taken care of and my follow up u/s are all good, I am ready to get back into a work out routine.

Addy starts school after Labor Day, so the "real" routine will start then. I have three options:

1. Free gyms on base:
•No child care
•Evenings only - I hate working out
in the evening and we have dance
and soccer starting up very soon
as well.

2. Paid gym
•24 hours
•Child care - sort of: kids aren't
watched in room, unless it gets
crowded or during a class.
Someone is always near to keep
an eye and eat out for them, but no
one actually sits in the room with
•Buy a stamp card for child care,
but "supposedly" only gets
stamped if it's busy or during a
•$30 a month and possibly the
added punch card maybe $50 a
•Small gym, not crowded

3. No gym
•I "could" be creative and work out
at home
•Treadmill, weights, and resistance
•No child care
•Kids join in with my exercises

I'm giving myself until the twins' day to make a commitment and trying to weigh my options.

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  1. Hmmm... I like the paid gym options. Working out is so hard for me and if I had to do it based on the weather or an evening schedule- I'd never go.


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