Monday, August 20, 2012

Kinder reservations

Many little ones are starting or have already started school for the year, but not us.  Which, I am perfectly fine with the extra time at home with my three, as I feel summer simply goes by way too fast.  In about two weeks, Addy will be off to all day kindergarten and the twins will be stuck with their mommy at home, again.  I am trying to talk to Addyson about school and get her excited, but am not having much luck.  

Tonight after Addy's bath (second of the day), I asked, "Are you excited to start kindergarten soon?"  

Addyson:  Tears forming in her eyes "No, mommy.  I don't want to go to kindergarten.  I am going to cry a lot!"

Mommy:  "Why?  It will be SOOOO much fun!"

Addyson:  "I just want to stay home with you.  I am going to miss you, and it is going to be way too long.  How long am I going to have to be there?"

Mommy:  "I promise it will be fun!  You will learn lots of new stuff (yes, I said stuff), meet new friends, play outside, have lunch at school, etc.  I will pick you up from school every day and we will have plenty of time to play after school."

Addyson:  Still crying and burying her head in my chest. 

Mommy:  "Let's go get dressed and talk about this when it gets closer."

Sigh....that first day of school is going to be a rough one I fear.  I KNOW I am supposed to be tough and show her how how excited I am for her, and I am putting on a brave face, but my heart is aching to stop time and not let her go just yet.

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  1. That's about how the preschool discussion is going at our house too. The whole issue is the me leaving her part. She will gladly go to school...if I stay.


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