Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stop complaining

Jabber Jaws Addy was going non-stop in the waaaayyyy back of the van about wanting to stop at a spray park we passed.  NON-STOP.

Addyson:  "Mommy, will you please stop complaining about the ketchup on my face?!"

I have no idea where she could have learned what complaining is, no idea.  Nope, none. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Today, Cody had the honor of participating as the Color Guard for a Memorial Day service for the veterans here, at FLW.  It was an absolutely beautiful day with temperatures nearing 90, with strong winds that cooled you off at the right time.

The service was humbling as I listened to the speakers share their memories of fallen soldiers whether related through blood or related through honor and courage.

The moment that tugged at me even more than listening to the gun shots sound the open air, was overhearing a wife talking to a distant friend about the loss of her husband and say the following, "He will have been gone ten years this year.  Oh, I still miss him so very much."  These words are a reminder of what today is really about.  Honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.  For those who have lost a veteran I hope they are surrounded with love and strength each and every day.  

Above all, I am so extremely grateful and humble to have this:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting to know YOU Sunday

1. Do you have a fetish?  Sorry, nothing kinky to share.  Chapstick (or as Cody calls it, "crack stick").  Need it, love it, require it.

2. Do you sing in the shower?  More times than not, I am humming some ridiculous song, which I have added my own words to. 

3. Who was your first crush? Celebrity = JTT (guesses who that stands for?)  Real life, I have no idea.

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?  Fixing, creating, and constructing any and every thing, aka "handy man."  (Cody is NOT this)

5. Do you sleep naked?  Hell no!!  1. Self Conscious 2. I don't want to scare the girls (as they are the one who come jumping on top of the bed supppper early) and 3. With all the middle of the night wake ups we have here lately it would be a PIA.

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking? Dance like a freak

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?  Lately - logging on to school

8. Summer is.....?  Full of cute summer dresses for the girls and muscle tees for scrawny Eligh, sunny, hot, full of outdoor activities, mixed drinks, fireworks, grilling, etc.  

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free movie and we all have a role

Last night, even after two of the three monkeys did not nap, we went out for pizza (a first) and headed on to the base to see "Hop."  It was free, and I have a hard time passing up any type of free activity.

After waiting outside for about 10 minutes, while trying to keep the three from running into 10 other people as well as losing sight of them, I had to hold Eligh and Kinsley's hands.  Cody was in charge of Addy and two booster seats. 

We pick an end row closest to the aisle for ease of bathroom trips.

Who sits where? 

Cody gets the aisle seat, then Addy, then Kinsley, then mommy, and then Eligh.  The twins had to sit by mommy not daddy.  As soon as we get everyone seated Addy insists that she, too, needs a booster seat.  Cody marches up to get the booster seat, gets Addyson situated and heads to the concession for popcorn.

Addyson:  "I have to go potty."
Mommy:  (of course you do)  "You will have to wait for daddy to come back. 

I attempt to keep the monkeys in their seat for the next 15 minutes while we wait for Cody to return with popcorn. 
Finally, he arrives.

I take Addy to the bathroom, while Cody dishes out popcorn in the bowls I brought with (smart thinking, I know).
Kinsley and Eligh decide they no longer want popcorn and Eligh is now yelling that he wants to go home. 

Another 15 minutes later and the movie starts.  I am shushing Eligh and his loud comments about the movie. 

Kinsley:  "I have to go potty."
Mommy:  "Ok, let's go."

Head to the bathroom, come back. 

15 more minutes. 
Addyson:  "I have to go potty."
Kinsley:  "I have to go potty." 
Daddy takes them this time. 
Daddy returns.

Daddy:  "Why is it that every time I take them to the bathroom they poop.  Kinsley had shit everywhere."  
Mommy:  "Sorry."  (not really)

Eligh wants popcorn.  Kinsley wants popcorn.  Addyson wants more popcorn. 

Kinsley:  "I have to go potty." 
My hands are full dishing out popcorn, so daddy has to take her. 

Give Kinsley back her popcorn.  Watch the movie, shush Eligh, hold cups, give cups back, give out napkins. 
Addy insists on sitting on my lap. 

Kinsley:  "My booty hurts.  I have to go potty."
Daddy:  "Come on, let's go."

Watch the remainder of the movie, Eligh devours two big bowls of popcorn, two cups of water.  Kinsley eats one bowl of popcorn.  Addy eats three or more bowls of popcorn. 

Get everyone in the van and listen to the girls tell us to stop at all the red lights, pull in the driveway and tell everyone we are immediately going to put pjs on and head to bed as it is late (8:15 - remember two didn't nap). 

Get out open up the doors and see Eligh passed out.  Carry him in and he insists that only mommy can take his shoes off and get him dressed. 

Was it easy?  Nope, but having three small children does not bring easy. 
Was it worth it?  Yep.  How do I know?

Addyson:  "Mommy, I love you the BEST."  (all with a big ole hug)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • More times than not I look forward to the weekend because Cody is home to help or completely handle the morning madness.  This weekend is not really a weekend. 
  • Cody has to work tomorrow, is off Sunday,  and Monday he will be acting as the color guard for a memorial service on post.  So the morning madness will continue to be me and only me.  
  • Eligh picked out new big boy underwear and matching stickers this week to begin potty training shortly.  Any guesses on what he chose?  
  • As much as I want the diaper days to be long gone, I am NOT looking forward to training Eligh.  He takes a lot longer than the girls to really "get" things.  For example, he CANNOT spit toothpaste out, no matter how hard I try to keep his mouth open to stop him from gulping down the paste.  He will have to go back to the baby toothpaste for a tad longer.  Yep, this is going to suck.  
  • We have some interesting sleeping arrangements this week.  Two nap days turned into Eligh sleeping in our bed, Kinsley sleeping in Eligh's bed, and Addy staying in her bed.  PIA.  
  • On one of Addy's many trips to the bathroom before finally falling asleep she said the following, "Mommy, just relax.  I am ONLY going potty.  Ok?"  Woah...who runs this house?  Not me. 
  • I really want/NEED to have a yard sale, but don't know if my neighborhood is conducive to this.  If I put up enough signs, people would find it, I think.  What do you think?
  • We are supposed to go see a free showing of "Hop" tonight, but these kids may change my mind.  
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Piggy Banks

A tradition my younger sister started was buying each of her nephews and nieces a piggy bank. The twins got lumped together with one massive "twin" piggy bank. 

All three of my crazy monkeys love to put "monies" in their piggy bank, which happens rarely (considering in 4 years I have never cashed Addy's in), which makes it all the more special to them.  If they find "monies" it is a finders keepers game.  Other times they earn money from grandma and grandpa for little tasks they accomplish around the house (picking up sticks, helping put away dishes, cleaning, etc).

Addy's piggy bank has been full for quite some time and I have been saying we would take their money in for cash to buy any toy they could afford with their money.  Today became that day. 

The three of them each ended up with $20 a piece and after letting me run a few other errands, the hunt for their own special toy with their own money began.  Addy was the easiest - a ridiculously small doll with little clothes and another pair of hooker princess shoes.  Kinsley was browsing, but nothing was grabbing her attention.  So, I took a break from the girl toys and headed to the boy toys and Eligh was in heaven with all of the new "Cars" gear, and found a set of four new "Cars."  Another 3 million rotations through the toy aisles and Kinsley finally set her eyes on a musical picnic basket with food, cups, blanket, and utensils for two. 

And now we have two empty piggy banks waiting to be filled with good deeds, chores, and helpful hands. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Truthful Tuesday - not enough sticky notes for this one

I have researched, called, and inquired since we moved here in February about possible PreK programs for Addy.  Yes, her name came up on the wait list a month ago and I folded and said this fall would be best.

Our options are the following:

  • Part day, couple days a week on post = $98 to $150 a month depending on how many days a week
  • A couple other part days and some full days for well over $200 a month
  • County offers a free service, but you have to be screened and qualify
On post does not have a set date for when they are registering for the fall just a first come basis and the others are out of my price range and or more of a daycare which we don't need.  I inquired about the screening and went ahead and gave it a try.  

They tested Addy on several things ranging from standing on one foot unassisted to writing and knowing her full name giving her a developmental age rating for each item.  She was at a four year old all the way to a six year old level in fourteen areas (identifies letters, colors, counts, shapes, skips, etc).  On the downside she received the rating of a two year old and a three year old for eight different things.  She has never used scissors, besides playing with a vanity, nor does she know her last name or how to write her name at this point.  Add in that she just turned four a month ago, she of course would not be at a four year old level or above in every single area.  I do not know how many children were allowed into the program nor how many children were screened.  On the day and time Addy was screened there was only a couple of other children there and the parents all wanted their children to be chosen for the program, not because they were concerned, but because they wanted their child to be in some sort of educational program without having to pay their right arm to do so.  

The phone call came yesterday with our answer. Addy was selected and will be starting this fall.  

It has left me feeling uneasy and jittery.....  

I feel as if I have not done enough for Addy educationally.  I should have been doing more crafts, more structured learning, simply more.     

And of course I am already dreading dropping her off for her first day of school this fall.  I am not ready for her to be leaving me, I am just not.


Monday, May 23, 2011

We don't need naps

On a whim, we all headed two hours away to stay the night at an indoor water park Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning involved the following:  breakfast, coffee, a simple conversation, some browsing, phone calls and a few minutes later Cody and I were finishing our homework and packing to head out of town with the monkeys. 

We swam, we ate BBQ, drove around to look at the sights, enjoyed some frozen custard, I tried on 15+ swim suits (as mine started shredding after our earlier swimming), went back to the hotel to swim some more, stayed up way too late, woke up, swam some more, checked out, and rode "The Ducks," grabbed a late lunch, and headed back home.

So many moments and pictures to share but one of my favorites occurred on our drive home.
Addy:  "Mommy, no naps today, right?"
Mommy:  "Right, no naps today."
Addy:  "We don't need naps, because today is such a fun day!!!!"

Sometimes the best moments are unplanned.  

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Goodbye Patience

  • It's been a rough week, especially the past two days.  Nothing in particular, but I feel I have lost my patience a little more each day this week.  It will come back, it always does, this I know.
  • This week we took a walking adventure.  We loaded up the three monkeys, the wagon, and some water and headed to a paved trail.  We pulled the wagon a good two miles and returned to the van to then head to a playground.  The monkeys wanted to run, and so we hit the track and it was one of those moments where I was living outside of myself and just smiling and embracing it.  I can't explain  shoes the feeling I felt as I watched and participated with my family running around the track on a beautiful day.  
  • On a whim, I picked up these small bag/purses for each of the girls that have chap stick, lip gloss, body glitter, and nail polish.  They smell delish and glitter from top to bottom (don't worry the nail polish was removed).  
  • The new shoes I bought have to be returned, which is inconvenient.  They are supposed to fit shoes comfortably without a problem, but that was not the case.  I put the insoles in and after walking a few minutes I took them off and threw them in anger.  The stupid insoles were making my feet slip and no matter how tight I tied my shoes they wouldn't keep my feet secure.  
  • I need to get this off my chest as well: If you are a mother and wish for more days away from your children and do not want to be responsible for them every day for the rest of your life, than you should have never had children to begin with.  Part of being a mother is being devoted to your child/children and putting aside many of your own wants and needs.  With that said, I think all parents need a little time away to unwind and rejuvenate.  And another thing: this is a vent about someone IRL who can't fathom having to be responsible for her children for the rest of her life, because "Like, when am I going to get my haircut?"
  • Finally, I think the monkeys are fighting a sickness and I really hope these booger wiping days are short.  
  • See....it was not a good week.  But, it will get better. 
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Answers, answers, answers

You all are killing me!  I want someone to win, dammit!  Here are the correct responses from last week and I'll give your morale a rest and we will try this sometime next week, the week after, etc (until someone wins). 

1.  Yuuuur a pig Kinslaaaay.  K/A (see I even gave this one to you)
2.  (Addressing the gate patrol)  I don't know why I'm here. E
3.  Will you please call me Rapunzel, the lost princess?  A
4.  I farted and it was a quiet one.  A
5.  I'm not going to close my eyes!!  K

Moving on.......

The answers to some recent questions:

1. How has your foot been doing?? You described it as "gimp." Is it still hurting lots?
    My foot hurts daily, especially after I have been sitting or laying down for a bit.  All.the.damn.time.  I won't know what is going on with it until sometime next month after I have a bone scan completed.  Until then, I just have to deal as I have been for the past 6 months, but it doesn't mean it isn't annoying since it has been in pain for so long. 
2.  What does your forever home look like? Does it matter where? How many bedrooms? What features?
     A two story home with a full basement (finished or capable of being finished).  I want the house to be on some what of a flat property.  If it is in a subdivision I want a fenced in yard, if not, than away from the road a good ways.  I want a front patio to allow for a swing or chairs, four+ bedrooms.  Space for an office and a toy room, a garage, two and a half bath, with the master including dual sinks and a BIG tub (large enough to fit Cody - this is something he wants, as nothing we have lived in has had that feature).  I want a deck/patio out back to allow for grilling and outdoor eating, oh, and an island in the kitchen.  Nothing too extravagant, really, just space for all of us.  

3.  I like the new hair color. Is it close to your natural color?
     My natural hair color was blond, and eventually starting changing to a dirty blond color (similar to Addy's hair color), but the shade of dirty blond and texture of my hair makes it look more dirty than dirty blond.  It is going to stay somewhere in the shade of brown permanently.

Here are some questions for you all:  
1.  Who do you WANT to win American Idol?  (I know who I DON'T want to win and I wish I could kick her cocky attitude off the stage myself). 
2.  Who watched "Real Housewives of New Jersey" this week?  (The season looks ridiculous - I can't wait!) 


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Truthful Tuesday - I am cheap

Have some things you want to confess?  Join in and create your own post it notes here

Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's talk about me, Monday

  • If you look closely, you will see the new, updated, here to stay, hair color (you really don't have to look too closely, the picture is way too large for my liking to be honest).  Blech. 
  • So, hubby and I have had some big talks about the "future."  I am feeling a little more hopeful than before, but only time will tell, as in a year from now.  
  • I cannot stand my arms and have avoided wearing most sleeveless tops for quite some time, but yesterday I forced myself to buy a couple.  
  • No matter what I do in my life I tend to throw all of me into it.  For example, when I was teaching in the classroom, I would bring work home nearly every night or be working on something related to work.  Thinking about how much work outside of work I did, reminds me that I made the right decision with staying home with the kids and working on school.  I am so happy staying home with them and hopefully won't have to head back to work until the twins are in school of some sort.  
  • I really want to run a 5K this summer.  I know I am not supposed to be running with my gimp foot and all, but if an opportunity presents itself for me to accomplish my goal I am going to do it, bum foot and all.  
  • I desperately want a forever home, and am envious of any and every one that has one.  
  • Want to know a little more about me?  Feel free to ask, I promise an answer soon.  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anything but fine

I finally succumbed to buying new running shoes after attempting to wear my regular, very light weight, flexible, perfect for running, shoes with the new insoles and feeling the pain in the old foot irritate the poop out of me. 

Speaking of poop, I got to have the joy of scooping out (or to put it more accurately, ladling) poop, from  from a boy who has no interest in potty training, out of the bathtub this evening.

Finally, I want to take a wad of tissue and shove it up my husband's nose if he does not stop sniffling.  Seriously, it is as annoying as hearing fingernails on the chalkboard. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Handle it

Addyson comes running up stairs stomping her feet in anger. 

Addyson:  "Mom, mom, mommy!"
Mommy:  "Yes, Addyson."
Addyson:  "Mommy, Eligh and Kinsley have a really BIG mess downstairs, and they won't pick it up!!  You have to go yell at them and tell them they aren't getting any lunch.  Ok?  Because, I picked up all of my toys, see?" (showing me her bag of "junk")
Mommy:  "Ok, Addyson, I'll go downstairs and handle it in a minute.  Ok?"
Addyson:  Points her finger at me; "You handle it.  Ok?"
Mommy:  Chin drops to the floor. 

Addyson heads downstairs and I hear the following

Addyson:  "Hey, you guys?!  You better clean up because mommy is going to come handle it and tell the truth."

Who needs a mother when you have this little one setting the rules?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - the foot

  • We have been hugged by family time this week.  Cody has had to work basically only one day this week.  We have been going non-stop with family time, so there is very little time for the blog.  
  • Went to the specialist for my foot, which included an immediate X-Ray.  I came back to my room where the doctor's tech came in and then left to tell the doctor I was back and to look at the Xrays.  She came back in for a minute to ask if I smoked, left, and then came back a few minutes later.  Why she asked if  I smoked, definitely has me a tad worried (which I never had, just had to be forced to breathe in 2nd hand smoke from my mother for 20 years).  She said there was a definite change, shadow, or growth (wtf?) and would require a bone scan for further analysis.  Ok, fine.  Make the appointment for the scan, then follow up with her 4 days after the scan, where the prescribed insoles, limit activity, and look into buying a different running shoe since mine are "too flexible" (which is why I liked them for running).
  • I go down to make the appointment and the soonest they can get me in?  Oh, is in the middle of JUNE!!!  I have a whole month to wonder what is going on with my foot and am not supposed to be exercising.  
  • And, for the past three days my right wrist has been in pain.  I'm hoping it will heal itself by Monday. 
  • We took the kids on a bike ride this week, which included Cody and I walking, Addy and Kinsley pedaling like maniacs, and Eligh refusing to put the feet on the pedals or walk.  He is a strange one, I tell ya. 
  • Now when Kinsley yells, "TOIIIIIIIIILET PAPER!" it is a race between Addy and daddy and I to answer the screams. 
  • I think we have read nearly all 431+/- books our children own this week.  
  • Last, I am no longer a blonde.  Gone, goodbye, never to return (or at least that is what I'm telling myself)
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pfftt...we will try this again

Last week I asked you to play along in a little game to see if you could guess who said what.  Here are the statements/questions with the correct answers (which NO ONE got right -sigh).

1.  "Mommy, please tell me not to pick my nose again.  It hurts."  Addyson
2.  "Eligh, just be patient."  Addyson

3.  "Well, I'm not going to listen to you.  I'm NOT!"  Kinsley
4.  "Will you please take a picture of my big guns?  PLEASE?!"  Eligh

5.  "Yuuuur mad at me." Kinsley

So....we will try again.  I really want to give one of you a little prize, so put your thinking hats on and try to win "Who said that?  Yes, that."  Number your responses (1-5).  Hint:  each child's name is used at least once.  Good luck! 

1.  Yuuuur a pig Kinslaaaay.  
2.  (Addressing the gate patrol)  I don't know why I'm here.
3.  Will you please call me Rapunzel, the lost princess? 
4.  I farted and it was a quiet one.
5.  I'm not going to close my eyes!!!   


Monday, May 9, 2011


  • No flowers or gifts were received
  • Was in bed all morning until 10:00, where the kids brought me three home-made cards, and breakfast.  
  • Wish I could say I was sleeping, but I was not. 
  • Instead, I was working on my paper for class.  
  • But, there were no distractions and no children were jumping on top of me non-stop.  
  • Spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the weather. 
  • Every one of us were wore out by the end of the night.
  • Woke up this morning to resume my duties of mother which included:  changing sheets from an accident, finding poop on one child's finger, and having to give baths all before having one cup of coffee. 
  • But, these three are worth it all (most of the time)  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - doctors, laundry, and toilet paper

  • Kinsley is still having issues and has just until Monday to "heal" or we are back in for another appointment.
  • I finally went back in for my foot, and after some painful poking (i.e. stabbing) of my foot the doctor "thinks" it is a pinched nerve which leaves three options (insoles, cortisone shots, or a removal of the nerve completely).  FML.  He suggested a referral for a specialist and oh my goodness I already have an appointment for Monday. 
  • Cody's pile of laundry that needs to be put away is getting ridiculous and I'm about to flip a lid if he doesn't get his shit put away by tomorrow afternoon.  (I can't reach some of the places he has his clothes, otherwise I would do it my self).
  • We are on the list for on-post housing, and it is an extremely short list.  We have to see if we can get out of unsigned lease if we come up on the list and like what they are offer us.  I'm thinking they can't really make us stay since they have yet to give us a lease.  Right?
  • In a matter of a week Kinsley stopped using the potty seat for the potty, which was a step up from the individual potty, and just yells for toilet paper when completed.  Which is annoying, because there are times you don't know she is in the potty and she is just screaming "I NEEEEED TOIWET PAPER!!!!!"
  • We do not have plans for Mother's Day, nor any of flower crap going on here (sorry, not a fan), but I know I will not get out of bed until I choose to on Sunday and dinner will be cooked for me. Sounds perfect to me.  
  • I'm planning on going to see "Something Borrowed" tomorrow afternoon solo, because I read the book and the sequel as well, so now I have to go see it.  Have to. 
Please stop by our host, Danifred, and make sure to wish her a wonderful birthday today!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A question with an answer

Our driveway is a steep hill (as in we have to put our parking brakes every time we park the vehicles).  When we play outside with the children, they do most of their playing in the 2+ car garage, because it is the only part that is flat.  For some reason, they find it amusing to see how scared and worried they can make us all.the.time.  They enjoy running up the steep driveway and sprinting back down and the girls enjoy doing this in the best of shoes, flip-flops. 

Yesterday, Addy was running and running and finally daddy had, had enough worrying.

Daddy:  "Addyson, how many times do I have to tell you to stop running up and down the driveway?"
Addy:  Shows two fingers with a smile. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who said that? Yes, that.

Want to join in a little fun game?  Sure you do, because you have absolutely nothing else to do right now.  Come on, it will only take a minute.  And, maybe just maybe if you get them all right you can win a special prize.  What kind of prize you ask?  Well, you have to play along to find out.

Simply put the corresponding number (1 - 5) with the correct child's name (Addyson, Kinsley, or Eligh) in your comment and tune in for the answers in just a few short days. 

1.  "Mommy, please tell me not to pick my nose again.  It hurts."  

2.  "Eligh, just be patient."

3.  "Well, I'm not going to listen to you.  I'm NOT!"

4.  "Will you please take a picture of my big guns?  PLEASE?!"

5.  "Yuuuur mad at me."


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Truthful Tuesday - Twins (without the post-its)

Just as I don't know where I fit with infertility and parenting, I also don't feel I fit the mold of multiples either.  I have twins, but they are nothing like all of the stories of twins.

At the ripe age of 2 1/2 years old, my twins do not even know they are twins or what the term "twins" even entails, nor does their big sister know that her brother and sister are twins, just simply the babies:  Eligh, and Kinsley.

I wish I had some fun stories to share of "twinism," but I don't.  For those that have those little stories to share, I am jealous.  Why do I care you may ask?  I guess it is just another reminder that I am misplaced in so many parts of the "norm."

The girls seem to be so much closer than the twins and tend to have a "monkey see monkey do" philosophy.

Kinsley adores her big sister and wants to be just like her.  She repeats nearly everything Addy speaks with the constant, "Me too" or "That's my favorite, too!"

"I want to be a princess."  "ME TOO!"

When you think of the "term" twins what comes to mind?  

I had big ideas of what "twins" would mean and believed very strongly that it was Addy who would feel left out, but I have been so wrong.  No one is left out, and more times than not I feel I have a set of triplets running around sharing and experience their lives as one.