Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - doctors, laundry, and toilet paper

  • Kinsley is still having issues and has just until Monday to "heal" or we are back in for another appointment.
  • I finally went back in for my foot, and after some painful poking (i.e. stabbing) of my foot the doctor "thinks" it is a pinched nerve which leaves three options (insoles, cortisone shots, or a removal of the nerve completely).  FML.  He suggested a referral for a specialist and oh my goodness I already have an appointment for Monday. 
  • Cody's pile of laundry that needs to be put away is getting ridiculous and I'm about to flip a lid if he doesn't get his shit put away by tomorrow afternoon.  (I can't reach some of the places he has his clothes, otherwise I would do it my self).
  • We are on the list for on-post housing, and it is an extremely short list.  We have to see if we can get out of unsigned lease if we come up on the list and like what they are offer us.  I'm thinking they can't really make us stay since they have yet to give us a lease.  Right?
  • In a matter of a week Kinsley stopped using the potty seat for the potty, which was a step up from the individual potty, and just yells for toilet paper when completed.  Which is annoying, because there are times you don't know she is in the potty and she is just screaming "I NEEEEED TOIWET PAPER!!!!!"
  • We do not have plans for Mother's Day, nor any of flower crap going on here (sorry, not a fan), but I know I will not get out of bed until I choose to on Sunday and dinner will be cooked for me. Sounds perfect to me.  
  • I'm planning on going to see "Something Borrowed" tomorrow afternoon solo, because I read the book and the sequel as well, so now I have to go see it.  Have to. 
Please stop by our host, Danifred, and make sure to wish her a wonderful birthday today!


  1. I heard they were doing a movie but I didn't know it was out already! I need to get out more.

    Also uninterested in flowers. They're okay and I wouldn't be mad about getting them but I'd much rather pretty much anything else.

  2. Husband did the insole thing and it really helped. He also went and got professionally fit for sneakers based on his running "style." I thought it was a little much, but it has helped his pain!

    I think you'll miss the toilet paper thing when she's yelling that she needs a ride to the mall!

  3. popping over from FNL. I am almost done with Something Blue. I have about 3 chapters left and I have just stopped reading it because I don't want to finish :) I think I'll pour some wine after the fellas go to bed and see where Ole Darce ends up

  4. Wow that movie came out fast!
    I could care less about flowers, I just want my house cleaned :)

  5. Catching up...

    Congrats on potty training success!

    OUCH...hope your foot/nerve feel better soon!

    YAY you for taking "YOU" time for a movie! (I remember your post a few months ago about who has gone to movies "solo." Glad it's working out for you...I like to go by myself once in a while too.) :)

  6. I've been wanting to read Something Borrowed. Now that the movie is out,I better get on it!

    Congrats to K on the potty success. :-)

  7. yay kinsley woohoo and i want to see something borrowed tomorrow too. also i want to see that movie as well i loved the books and i agree about the flowers i know i amd getting breakfast and dinner cooked and also not getting outa bed

  8. I hope that Kinsley recovers and truly lament your pinched nerves issue! Just what you need!

  9. Do you have Morton's Neuroma? That's what I have in my feet. And now I have Bursitis in my shoulder, I'm falling apart! Must be because I turn 40 this year!


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