Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free movie and we all have a role

Last night, even after two of the three monkeys did not nap, we went out for pizza (a first) and headed on to the base to see "Hop."  It was free, and I have a hard time passing up any type of free activity.

After waiting outside for about 10 minutes, while trying to keep the three from running into 10 other people as well as losing sight of them, I had to hold Eligh and Kinsley's hands.  Cody was in charge of Addy and two booster seats. 

We pick an end row closest to the aisle for ease of bathroom trips.

Who sits where? 

Cody gets the aisle seat, then Addy, then Kinsley, then mommy, and then Eligh.  The twins had to sit by mommy not daddy.  As soon as we get everyone seated Addy insists that she, too, needs a booster seat.  Cody marches up to get the booster seat, gets Addyson situated and heads to the concession for popcorn.

Addyson:  "I have to go potty."
Mommy:  (of course you do)  "You will have to wait for daddy to come back. 

I attempt to keep the monkeys in their seat for the next 15 minutes while we wait for Cody to return with popcorn. 
Finally, he arrives.

I take Addy to the bathroom, while Cody dishes out popcorn in the bowls I brought with (smart thinking, I know).
Kinsley and Eligh decide they no longer want popcorn and Eligh is now yelling that he wants to go home. 

Another 15 minutes later and the movie starts.  I am shushing Eligh and his loud comments about the movie. 

Kinsley:  "I have to go potty."
Mommy:  "Ok, let's go."

Head to the bathroom, come back. 

15 more minutes. 
Addyson:  "I have to go potty."
Kinsley:  "I have to go potty." 
Daddy takes them this time. 
Daddy returns.

Daddy:  "Why is it that every time I take them to the bathroom they poop.  Kinsley had shit everywhere."  
Mommy:  "Sorry."  (not really)

Eligh wants popcorn.  Kinsley wants popcorn.  Addyson wants more popcorn. 

Kinsley:  "I have to go potty." 
My hands are full dishing out popcorn, so daddy has to take her. 

Give Kinsley back her popcorn.  Watch the movie, shush Eligh, hold cups, give cups back, give out napkins. 
Addy insists on sitting on my lap. 

Kinsley:  "My booty hurts.  I have to go potty."
Daddy:  "Come on, let's go."

Watch the remainder of the movie, Eligh devours two big bowls of popcorn, two cups of water.  Kinsley eats one bowl of popcorn.  Addy eats three or more bowls of popcorn. 

Get everyone in the van and listen to the girls tell us to stop at all the red lights, pull in the driveway and tell everyone we are immediately going to put pjs on and head to bed as it is late (8:15 - remember two didn't nap). 

Get out open up the doors and see Eligh passed out.  Carry him in and he insists that only mommy can take his shoes off and get him dressed. 

Was it easy?  Nope, but having three small children does not bring easy. 
Was it worth it?  Yep.  How do I know?

Addyson:  "Mommy, I love you the BEST."  (all with a big ole hug)


  1. You are a brave woman with three kiddos at the movies. :)

  2. I do not like taking the kids to the movies. Allison jumps from her seat into my lap and back to her seat, over and over again. But, it is all worth it when they tell you you're the best mommy EVER!!!

  3. Best line: Kinsley had shit everywhere.


    Thanks for the reminder that I'll never do that! ;)


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