Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ridiculously tired

Why is it that around 8:30 every night I'm cross-eyed tired.  I don't do that much to make me this tired. 

Example of today's events:
Assist kiddos getting dressed and brushing with teeth
Make breakfast
Take Addy to school
Walk two hilly, curvy miles while pushing the twins in their stroller
Laundry, laundry
Pick up Addy from school
Fix lunches
Read each kiddo a story and put them down for naps
Homework (reading for two hours straight - booooring)
Help Addy with homework
Color with kiddos
Let kiddos watch a movie
Cook dinner
Baths for the girls
Play three games with the girls
Color with the girls
Bed time for the girls
Eligh comes home, give him dessert
Get Eligh to bed
More homework 

Too tired to finish homework, blog instead. 

Monday, January 30, 2012


A couple weeks back I took Addy in to the doctor because she was severely constipated (a couple days of trying which left her in tears each time).  The doctor order an ultrasound to check for a blockage and said she would call if anything showed up, but if I didn't hear anything to go ahead and start her on the meds to treat her.  No call.  Ok.

Fast forward to today.  Addy had to go in for a yearly physical to continue participating in sports on post.  Her regular doctor (we didn't see him last time) came in and commented that her ultrasound showed ALOT of backed up poop (it is what it is, no need to sugar coat it).

I'm annoyed that the doctor who ordered it never called and informed us of the results and I assumed nothing showed up.  It is just one more thing on my never-ending list of bad shit happening to us. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Kinsley is sick.  Non-stop coughing with a fever that comes and goes. 

Kinsley:  (Eyes watering):  "Hey, why am I crying?"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - I want to sleep

  • The week started off with Eligh getting sick and has ended with Kinsley sick.  
  • If I was working, I would have had to call off quite a bit of days to deal with these constantly sick children.  
  • I am stinkin tired from all this middle of the night waking up to deal with fevers, coughs, and wiping boogers.  
  • I had to fight my insurance company to finally get approved for an MRI.  
  • I'm so extremely grateful to have found a great friend here who is willing to watch the kids at a last minute notice.  
  • This same friend and I have gotten into a nice routine of going to the gym.  I'm developing a sick obsession with the gym and wanting to kick our asses into shape.  
  • Kinsley insists every.single.day to have a "big ponytail."  It is the absolute end of the world if someone can't fix her "big ponytail."
  • Out of curiosity I checked out my future courses and it looks like I can finish before the end of July.  July seems like so far away when I'm losing steam and interest.  But, after this current class I have three more to go, and that number is much easier to grasp.  I just hope it is all worth it and I'm able to find a job to fit my needs and wants.  
  • Addyson has been quite the little do gooder these days.  She cleans up the toy room without being asked.  It makes me smile with pride.  
  • Yesterday we got notice that our tenants are moving out in less than thirty days.  We are very scared of what our future may hold at this point and have some investigating to do.  
  • With that news, I'm in a rut.  Questioning every.little.thing.
Stop by our host, Danifred, and celebrate her new healthy, little boy.  He's the cutest!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too much at once

Sick Eligh
Low grade fever for Kinsley
Tenants gave their 30 day notice

Can't handle today, I'm done.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peaceful evenings

Dearest children,
These past couple of weeks have really done a number on my sleeping.  I am not a fan of waking up in the middle of the night or early morning, hence one of the many reasons we are done having children, so please can we end this streak?  Let's stay in our comfy beds, snuggled up with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals.  I promise there are no monsters, thunder, or anything else scary going to get you.  Mommy and daddy are exhausted and I can tell you all are too.  Sleep is a wonderful thing, embrace it my wee ones.  


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talking Tuesday #6

Eligh:  "You scared the poop out of me!"

Eligh: (using the potty, singing)  "There's something in my pants, pants, pants."

Addyson:  "When I get big I want to be a fireman, a doctor, and recycle things."  "Wait, I want to be a mom and a teacher." 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Close your mouth

A further explanation:

Cody and I were discussing how we feel bad/sad for Eligh, as the girls like to leave him out all the time.  The girls are as close as can be and have been confused as twins more often then Kinsley and Eligh.  For example, twice on Friday within a ten minute time frame.  If Addyson says or does something, Kinsley follows right along.  The girls are often found hiding out in Addy's room attempting to keep Eligh out.  Eligh turns to us, mom and dad, to play with him in his room.  We try, we really do, but there are times we are in the middle of the dinner and simply can't.  We also try make the girls play nicely with him.  The girls are not always mean to him or ignore him, but Addyson really does not like for him to be in her room any more.

Cody:  "I feel bad for Eligh being the only boy.  It would be nice if he had a brother."  
Me:  (Picking jaw up off the floor) "Hell to the NO.  I am done.  No more."
Cody:  "I know, so am I.  He just needs a playmate."  

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday evening slump

We had a productive, fun-filled, yet relaxing day.  

As evening has drawn near, though, something just doesn't feel right.  Something is off and I don't know how to explain it, but I'm just not feeling right. 

I do know that I am jealous of all the snow my family in Illinois received yesterday. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - slapping poop

  •  I went back into the doctor for my never ending issues.  We are no closer to an answer.  My only option for my wrist is surgery which may or may not work and if it doesn't work I'm left to suffer.  My wrist doesn't hurt near as bad as when this all started, so I'm going to hold off on the surgery.  
  • Feet tingling = no answer because of stupid insurance not processing a referral which was put in December 11, yep over a month ago.  
  • I looked into one part day prek for the twins next year, but I don't like the time.  It's right in the middle of nap time three days a week and I am not willing to mess with nap time just yet.  If it was just two days I would think more about it.  
  • They won't go to Kinder for another two full school years.  I guess I don't know what to do with them.  I worry about them being bored.  
  • We went to an open play gym this morning and most of the women there are at home family childcare providers and one tried to persuade me to join up.  Hell to the NO!  
  • I cannot commit to watching a handful of kids every single day until 6 or 7 pm M-F.  I kiss the ground these women walk on, because I could not do it.  
  • With that said, I could watch an infant every day, just one, though.  
  • I about slapped the poop out of Cody's mouth this week.  Details very soon. 

 Please stop by Danifred with Lysol to help push the germs away before Blue makes his arrival. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The age of five in Addy's eyes

In Addyson's eyes the following will happen when she reaches age five (three months away - sigh):
  • No more naps
  • All day school where mommy will miss me
  • Swimming without a vest
  • Riding a bike without training wheels
  • Get bigger
Each of these milestones is a little scary, to me, and this is why when someone asks her how old she is, she promptly responds:
"I'm four, but I'm going to be five soon.  My mommy doesn't want me to be five; and wants me to be little forever."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Talking Tuesday #5 - girls only edition

Addyson:  "Why did you marry daddy?" 

Kinsley:  "Daddy has silly hair." (look at a picture of daddy when he was 18) 

Kinsley:  "It's going time."

Addyson:  "Mommy I grew bigger when I was sleeping in your room."

Kinsley:  "Are you going to eat that hula hoop?"  (an onion in my salad)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Speeding up dinner time - our newest solution

Meal time at this house is not enjoyable, for the most part.  It involves a lot of commands: 
  • Sit down
  • Stop touching him/her
  • Sit on your butt
  • Eat
  • Take a bite
  • Eat
  • Stop talking
  • Eat
  • Sit down
Cody, more so than I, is fed up with meal time and mentioned eating after the children went to bed.  But, eating as a family is important to us, so we have chosen bribery.  Yep, the worst thing parents can do.

Here's how it works:
First person to finish eating (lunch/dinner) is rewarded with a coin.  If you sing, dance, "fart around" at the table, no dessert.  

Our poky eating child who turns food into soup from the 100 chews she must complete before swallowing has actually won the last couple of meals.  

*We are not asking our children to inhale their food, but to simply eat and quit horse playing, and by making it a little competition they are focusing more on eating and less on their antics.  

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Cody:  "Hey, is that a...?
Me:  "What?  What are you looking at?"
Cody:  "You have one gray hair." 
Me:  "Thanks for pointing it out, ass hole.  I already know." 
Cody:  "Wow you aren't even 30 and already have your first gray hair." 
Me:  (Really wanting to put a fist in the hubby's big mouth) "Well, at least I still have hair, as you lost yours by the age of 21.  So, shove it, you old fart."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers on Saturday

Thanks to our host, Danifred, for allowing me an excuse to ramble, even if it is a day late. 

  • I have to be the only parent that visits the doctor as frequently as we do.  
  • Monday - twins go in for a follow up which ends up with Eligh having an ear infection and Kinsley being diagnosed (again) with asthma and a new treatment plan.  
  • Thursday I take Addy in as she is severely constipated and in screaming pain with no relief after laxatives and gulp a suppository.  She had to have an X-ray and left with meds to keep her on for one month.  
  • Last night Cody and I were "supposed" to have a kid free house for the evening.  That got squashed when Kinsley woke up at 11 pm Thursday night spewing. 
  • Addy and Eligh still went for their sleepover, Kinsley stayed with us and she was back to herself by noon. 
  • Daddy and I took her out to eat and even let her pick out a new toy.  It was very strange to just have one child around.  
  • If I was not working on my master's degree right now, I would have so much more time to actually get things accomplished.  My list continues to grow, with little time to get anything completed.  
  • In a little bit I get to get my hair trimmed and I can't wait.  I haven't had a trim/cut since early August.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Santa's "Sac"

Sorry, no "Wordless Wednesday" we are dealing with some intense tummy pains from Addy that have taken up my picture download time. 

Instead, a Wordy Wednesday:

Eligh to Daddy:  "I'm going to punch you in the sac!"
Mommy:  "What is a sac?"
Addy:  "Like Santa's sac."  (Trying not to bust out laughing - I'm lying, I totally did)
Me:  "Eligh, does daddy have a sac?"

I learn something new every single day. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toddler activities

My three children keep their mommy and daddy very busy with all the activities they NEED want to do. 

A list of all that they enjoy at their current ages:  4, 3, & 3:

  • Puzzles
    • Floor size puzzles
    • Smaller pieced puzzles for Addy
    • Wood puzzles
    • Dress up puzzles

    • Coloring
      • We have a two-sided easel (marker on one side, chalk on the other)
      • Each have their own smaller marker board (Christmas gift = less fighting)
      • Books 
      • Color Wonders
      • Plain old paper and utensils
    • Games
      • Red Rover
      • Duck 
      • Go fishing
      • Memory
      • Limbo (not a fan, takes time to set up)
      • Candy Land (Santa gift)
      • Chutes and Ladders (Santa gift)
      • Ice cream game (only a two player game)
      • Uno Moo
      • Hungry, Hungry Hippo (Santa gift)
      • Honeybee 
      • Don't Spill the Beans
      • Pizza 
      • Wii (their favorites listed below)
        • Mario Kart
        • Smurf dance party
        • Bass Pro fishing
    *This cabinet stays locked up unless daddy or mommy open it and are in the same room as the children during activities.  All coloring supplies have moved to a three drawer container for easy access for the children.  And, there are more puzzles on a bookshelf in another room.  Three kids = way too much stuff.

      Monday, January 9, 2012

      Appointment gone wrong

      The twins had follow up appointments this afternoon regarding Kinsley's newest meds and Eligh's allergy testing.  I had to bring all three kids to the appointment, which I knew going in could easily end in stress. 

      It was not Addyson who caused the stress and extra sweating from managing the poor behaviors while still trying to talk to the doctor.  Addyson colored from her book or read some books and stayed in her seat 90% of the time.  Great. 

      It was this little one that caused mommy to work extra hard:

      He was worse than bad, he was HORRIBLE. 

      He was antagonizing the girls, flopping on the floor, pushing the stroller, spitting his tongue out, trying to wipe boogers on his sisters, arguing with me (how old is he again?), running around, and being down right sassy.  I was so.very.mad/disappointed in his behavior.  So mad. 

      The good:
      • Eligh is not at risk for any of the common allergies and we are doing everything we are supposed to, to help him gain weight.  
      • Kinsley was content playing on her LeapPad and follow directions.  
      The  rest:
      • Since there was absolutely no change in Kinsley's never-ending cough, the reflux has been ruled out and we are back on some asthma meds.  This entails a chewable pill once a day, an inhaler twice a day, and a different inhaler for activity.  We go back in a month to assess.  
      • Eligh is not allergic to anything, so we can keep his diet as is.  
      • Yesterday, Eligh poked his right eye with his place mat (how, I do not even know), and his eye was red all day yesterday and today.  Doctor checked it, no damage, so we are good.  But, as he did the rest of his vitals, he found that Eligh had an ear infection.  Huh?  Hasn't had a fever in a week, no complaints, etc.  Back in a month for him as well.  
      Curious - how do you all handle bad behavior when in similar situations?  

      Sunday, January 8, 2012

      Weekend questions

      I have a migraine, so I'm keeping it simple.  
      Random questions based upon the weekend only. 

      1.  How often do you change the kids' sheets?  Do you have a set day?  
      2.  How often do you change your own sheets?  
      3.  Do you/family attend church?
      4.  Do you cook a big breakfast?
      5.  Do you rest or clean?

      My answers

      1.  How often do you change the kids' sheets?  Do you have a set day?  It's either Saturday or Sunday every single week.  If the kids have a bath on Saturday the sheets get  changed out on Saturdays, if their bath is on Sunday, they get changed Sunday

      2.  How often do you change your own sheets?  When I think about it, probably every two weeks.

      3.  Do you/family attend church?  No, but I keep telling myself I'm going to start.
      4.  Do you cook a big breakfast?  If hubby lets me.  I am huge fan of breakfast, he would rather eat a bowl of cereal.  Booooring.  
      5.  Do you rest or clean?  Varies from week to week.  If I save the cleaning for the weekend, then Cody helps (score).  If not, we play with the kids and stay in comfy clothes/pjs all day. 

      Saturday, January 7, 2012

      Weekend sleeping arrangements

      I am not one of those cool parents that lets their kiddos stay up late on the weekends or eat junk all day long.  No, I am not.  We pretty much stick to our routine of naps and family dinners.  If we have plans that interfere with naps, it's ok at this point to allow them to skip the naps, but it can't be both days or the fighting and whining increases.   

      So instead, we allow them to sleep in the same room for a night or two on the weekends.  If they have had a rough day then the sleepover may not happen until the next night or weekend. 

      Do you think this is a fair compromise?  Do you do anything different on the weekends with your kiddos?   

      Friday, January 6, 2012

      Friday Night Leftovers - Catch up

      • This week has been about catching up and getting back on a schedule after being out of town for a week.  
      • Christmas decorations have been taken down and now the house is clean, but not as cheery as all those pretty decorations.  
      • We got a new flat screen tv, which then required a new entertainment, and both look awesome.  
      • The kiddos are not allowed to have very many toys in the living room to prevent any damage to the tv.  This has been an adjustment for them.  As they want to bring toys to every single room of the house. 
      • I finished the "Help" this week, and it was a great, great read.  
      • I worked out from home twice this week and hope to get back to the gym some time soon, but if not, I'm ok with doing it at home.  
      • The kiddos got six new games this year for Christmas and we have played games every single day.  
      • I want our fish to die. (I know this is wrong)
      • I'm seriously depressed that we have not had but a dusting of snow so far.  Both Addy and Eligh received new snow boots, and for what?  
      • Tonight the kiddos are spending the night at a friend's house, she is nuts.  She will have six kids ages seven to three at her house.  Three boys, three girls.  
      To see how others are catching up this week check out our host, Danifred.  

      Thursday, January 5, 2012

      Shock treatment

      Tuesday morning I headed out early for an hour and a half drive to meet a neurologist I never met and have a nerve conduction test completed (nearly three weeks since first requested). 

      Arrive to the massive multi-story building. 

      Look at list of names on the board trying to figure out which floor this doctor was on. 


      Elevator up.

      Instantly see a large waiting room for neurology. 

      Check in. 

      Take out the Nook, read a chapter before being called back. 

      Meet friendly tech. 

      She explains the procedure. 

      "It sounds much worse than it is.  First, you'll be hooked up to these little patches, and I'll send shocks through your right arm and leg to check response time.  Then, the doctor will come in and she will take a tiny needle and insert it into various parts of your limbs to listen to your nerves.  Again, it sounds much worse than it is."  


      Tech leaves so I can put on gown that is four times too large. 

      Chatter about nonsense and then she mentions working at the military post (where we live) years ago and a soldier telling her he was commando and she had no idea what that meant and was extremely embarrassed.  (Umm...I thought I was keeping this gown on, why did I wear a thong today?  Please don't get embarrassed). 

      The tech starts on the arm, measures and marks up my arm, and hooks up the stickers and checks each location three times with increasing shocks.  Not fun at all.  The hand one hurt like hell.  Legs weren't as bad, even though she said it would be. 

      Tech leaves. 

      Doctor comes in, sticks my arm with needle, has me push my arm up against hers (with the needle in me).  Then, the leg.  I think she stuck the one in my thigh too far because it felt like I was getting a flu shot. 

      All of this for the doctor to tell me that I indeed have carpal tunnel in my wrist which can be treated with one of three options:  brace, shot, or surgery.  This explains the wrist/arm/hand tingling. 

      Feet tingling, though, has no explanation as the nerves for all of that were great. 

      Now, I wait for a call from the regular doctor to see what is next.  Real tired of all of this. 

      Tuesday, January 3, 2012

      The red gift continuation

      I mentioned this week that a certain someone received a handmade gift from grandpa, and now I'll share with you all it's awesomeness.

      If any of you remember, my dad made Addy a dollhouse for her third birthday, and is very crafty.

      Eligh asked grandpa for one thing this year over and over again:  a red barn for his horses.  I had an idea of what I wanted my dad to make based on something I saw.  The picture I took of it was small and hard to view.  My dad, though, was able to create more than I could have ever imagined.

      Solid wood color - daddy wanted to paint it himself, and Eligh would not stop asking for it be painted 

      Inside - all doors swing open and have wooden made troughs to feed the horses 

      One side of the outside - color is from the same paint can that painted the real barn on my parent's farm

      Monday, January 2, 2012

      Christmas explosion 2011 part two

      These pictures are some of my favorites of the kids celebrating Christmas with my family (a total of 9 grandchildren, and 10 adults).  

      Christmas morning before the madness 

      Just love this picture 

      A gun, a gun!!!

      The one gift she wanted from Grandma - Lite Sprites 

      Trying out the new tractor hat 

      Practicing her picture taking skills 


      Now, I don't have to steal Addy's 

      Grandma and Grandpa with their hand made bear and NINE grandchildren 

      The WORST gift received 

      Sunday, January 1, 2012

      2011 Review

      Stealing this from Rebecca
      • Moved twice, yes, twice in one year
      • Moved the twins to twin beds (easier than thought)
      • Landed poop on my leg (learned my lesson)
      • Left the twins home with dad for a weekend
      • Visited a chiropractor 
      • Started my masters degree
      • Purchased a treadmill
      • All the kiddos visited the eye doctor
      • Kinsley had her first hair cut
      • Tried and enjoyed Zumba
      • Potty trained the twins, as in no diapers ever 
      • Addy turned four
      • A princess tea party show with Addy
      • Purchased a Nook 
      • Went to more than one movie by myself 
      • Addy tried out t-ball 
      • Finally said good bye to blonde hair
      • Witnessed Cody as acting color guard
      • Took all three kiddos to the movies
      • Visited an indoor water park 
      • Let Addy stay with the grandparents for a long five days
      • Kinsley graduated to a 12 inch bike
      • Kiddos fished for the first time 
      • Addy jumps into pools (with a vest) and holds her nose
      • Addy started prek
      • Twins turned three
      • We purchased fish
      • Addy started dance
      • Kinsley started and stopped dance class 
      • Became an auntie for the sixth time
      • Had a mole removed (benign)
      • Welcomed Paws to the family
      • Eligh played basketball
      • Received my first filling 
      • Field trip to the pumpkin farm with Addy
      • Decorated a gingerbread house
      Overall this year was much better than past years, especially having my family together for the entire year.  It really doesn't get better than that, does it?