Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - slapping poop

  •  I went back into the doctor for my never ending issues.  We are no closer to an answer.  My only option for my wrist is surgery which may or may not work and if it doesn't work I'm left to suffer.  My wrist doesn't hurt near as bad as when this all started, so I'm going to hold off on the surgery.  
  • Feet tingling = no answer because of stupid insurance not processing a referral which was put in December 11, yep over a month ago.  
  • I looked into one part day prek for the twins next year, but I don't like the time.  It's right in the middle of nap time three days a week and I am not willing to mess with nap time just yet.  If it was just two days I would think more about it.  
  • They won't go to Kinder for another two full school years.  I guess I don't know what to do with them.  I worry about them being bored.  
  • We went to an open play gym this morning and most of the women there are at home family childcare providers and one tried to persuade me to join up.  Hell to the NO!  
  • I cannot commit to watching a handful of kids every single day until 6 or 7 pm M-F.  I kiss the ground these women walk on, because I could not do it.  
  • With that said, I could watch an infant every day, just one, though.  
  • I about slapped the poop out of Cody's mouth this week.  Details very soon. 

 Please stop by Danifred with Lysol to help push the germs away before Blue makes his arrival. 


  1. I am in awe of childcare providers. Especially those that open up their homes. Could.Not.Do.It.

  2. I don't know how people deal with a household of children, who aren't theirs, on a daily basis. I can barely handle my own.

  3. I couldn't watch other people's children...I barely make it through with my own!

    Sorry about your continuing health issues. It is so annoying.


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