Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - I want to sleep

  • The week started off with Eligh getting sick and has ended with Kinsley sick.  
  • If I was working, I would have had to call off quite a bit of days to deal with these constantly sick children.  
  • I am stinkin tired from all this middle of the night waking up to deal with fevers, coughs, and wiping boogers.  
  • I had to fight my insurance company to finally get approved for an MRI.  
  • I'm so extremely grateful to have found a great friend here who is willing to watch the kids at a last minute notice.  
  • This same friend and I have gotten into a nice routine of going to the gym.  I'm developing a sick obsession with the gym and wanting to kick our asses into shape.  
  • Kinsley insists to have a "big ponytail."  It is the absolute end of the world if someone can't fix her "big ponytail."
  • Out of curiosity I checked out my future courses and it looks like I can finish before the end of July.  July seems like so far away when I'm losing steam and interest.  But, after this current class I have three more to go, and that number is much easier to grasp.  I just hope it is all worth it and I'm able to find a job to fit my needs and wants.  
  • Addyson has been quite the little do gooder these days.  She cleans up the toy room without being asked.  It makes me smile with pride.  
  • Yesterday we got notice that our tenants are moving out in less than thirty days.  We are very scared of what our future may hold at this point and have some investigating to do.  
  • With that news, I'm in a rut.  Questioning every.little.thing.
Stop by our host, Danifred, and celebrate her new healthy, little boy.  He's the cutest!


  1. I hope everyone feels better soon! I hereby declare no other family members will get sick. (I can try for you at least.)

    3 more classes! You are so close. July will be here in a blink of the eye and then you'll be done! Whoot!

    Scary about the tenants. Hope all works out for you.


  2. I hate no sleep.

    You're almost done...dig deep and get that motivation somewhere. There is NO WAY we're letting you quit now! LOL


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