Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers - Volutold

  • I hate how my body treats me.  I'm in a good routine of exercising and really enjoying the most recent class I take at the gym, and last night I slept a couple hours due to pain, discomfort, you name it.  I had to skip the gym today as well as any form of exercise as an hour long trip to the store caused one of my legs to swell and bruise up.  
  • Yesterday on a whim, I took the kiddos (on my own) to STL Science Museum.  An old high school friend lives a quick drive from the city and met me there with her two kiddos.  The kiddos had a great time and I rewarded them with a trip to the book store where they each picked out a book.  
  • Spring break has been less than exciting with dance and soccer practices every single day along with rainy/snowy weather.  Surprisingly, though, the kiddos have all been getting along great this week.  
  • Today, though, a completely different story.  All because we had a voluntold playdate into a sleepover. 
  • Parents, if you ever want your child to spend the night at someone's house, do NOT put a tv in your child's room.  Not all parents believe in having tvs in the room and your poor child will be lost without one.  Blech - I am not a fan of this sleepover.  
  • Polling - do you contact the play date's house at any time to check on the child?  If so, how often?
As always, stop by our fabulous host, Danifred, to see what others are bringing tonight.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Being a military family many things we see or hear on a normal day, are definitely not normal to the average civilian.

Today on our way home from getting groceries, Addyson noticed the recruits all lined up in formation addressing their drill sergeant.

Addyson:  "Mommy, is that where daddy teaches?"
Mommy:  "Nope.  It is close, but a few streets away."
Addyson:  "Does daddy have to march and sing?"
Mommy:  "Some times."
Addyson:  (In a military cadence tune) "I am going to dance, NOW.  I am going to dance, NOW."
Mommy:  "That's pretty silly."
Addyson:  "I bet you the soldiers sing that song, huh?"
Mommy:  (Laughing) "No, honey, they do not sing about dancing.  But, it would be funny and way more fun if they did, huh?"
Addyson:  "Yep."  

And immediately after she continues her cadence.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers - "What Spring Break?"

  • I went back to the doc for a follow up to find out the carpal tunnel is back along with tennis elbow.  All in the same arm.  It was bad enough that I had to take some hefty pain pills so I could sleep last night. 
  • Too many sleepless nights in a row due to pain, makes for one crabby mommy.  
  • I'm attempting to work up to running over three miles consistently, but this newest injury is not helping the situation.  
  • Kinsley has developed sass and attitude, thus, landing her in time out and early to bed several nights this week. 
  • It is supposed to be nearing spring, and this week has proved otherwise.  
  • I was really looking forward to spring break and letting Addyson get a break from all the running around.  But, soccer practices, two dance performances, and dance practices still continue.  
  • Hubby and I celebrated our 9th anniversary this week with some sandwiches.  Yes, that's how exciting our lives are.  
  • I spent the entire day at Addyson's school volunteering and I am simply beat.  
Anyone else starting spring break this week?

As always, thank you Danifred for hosting.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little things

Hubby rocked it today. He took all three kiddos bowling on his own for three hours just so I could have some girl time at the house. I don't tell him enough - but he rocks.

That is all.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Leftovers - salt in the wounds

Sorry, Danifred, I haven't been keeping up these days.  But, I needed to get out this week's issues:

  • I babysat three of the five school days for free, all day.  
  • I don't mind helping out a friend, I offer quite frequently.  
  • But, I do not want to be taken advantage of.  
  • Especially when the reason I am not working is because I do not want to pay day care prices for two.  And when someone asks you to babysit so they can not only work, but substitute (which I could/should be doing), it feels like salt in the wounds. 
  • Soccer season has begun. 
  • Monday - Thursday we will have dance or soccer and Saturdays are filled with soccer games and dance performances for Addyson.  40 minutes drive a part.  I would really like a schedule last week, I'm itching to plan and figure it all out. 
  • Kids had eye appointments this week - and all three are still in the clear.  Phew. 
  • I also went to the doc this week for two different issues.  I'm currently waiting on two of three test results to return.  
  • It has been a long week and I think I am looking forward to spring break more than Addyson.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Peek - a - spring

Spring keeps peeking out and then getting slammed in the face.  The trio are all signed up to play soccer this season and were supposed to start last week, but the weather had different plans.  We had our first practice yesterday, and with 40 degree weather it was coooold! 

I am itching to go outside and run, as the treadmill is boring me.  I can't go in the evenings as we are now bombarded with either dance or soccer Monday - Thursday.  Friday nights are a possibility and lately Cody has been working every Saturday.  Of course Sundays have equaled rain or frigid temperatures. 

Anyone else itching to get outside?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Surgery scheduled

This little monkey, Mickey loving runt of a boy has been schedule for surgery in less than a month.  It is long enough away that it gives me too many days to think about it, yet close enough to already be filled with anxiety.

In the back of my mind I knew this was probably going to happen.....some day.  We know it is what needs to happen.  He may gain rather than lose weight.  His sleeping should be easier.  His overall health should be better.


Well, you know it is real.  It is happening.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend lessons

  • Japanese is amazing
  • Cheaters have no shame
  • Some people are just plain rude to children
  • Clothing has sizes for a reason 
  • Clubs are not the place for me ever, ever
  • Being around smokers makes me sick, literally
  • Foot pain probably means it is time for new work out shoes
  • I will never be skinny 
  • Being divorced and or single would suck
  • I need to find a sitter
  • Mommy guilt is a constant
What did you learn this weekend?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Passing the pawn

Addyson has officially passed the game pawn to Kinsley.  Kinsley has now become OBSESSED with playing board games of any sort.  We have a cabinet full of games, but due to her new-found obsessive game playing we had to go out and buy a new game.  Daddy and I were tired of playing the stack of games on constant rotation.  So, now instead of a rotation between games we have a non-stop plea for the game "Sorry."  It is the first thing the little gum drop asks for each morning and the last thing she begs for each and every single day for the past week.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


These two girls are so dang emotional!  It used to just be Addyson but in the last month or so Kinsley has started in as well.

Some samplings:

Mommy:  "Addyson, would you like to go stay at Grandma's this summer for a couple days by yourself."
Addyson:  "No, never again!"
Mommy:  "But, you LOVE Grandma's house."
Addyson:  "But, I want you there too.  I cried when I was there last time.  I can't talk about it, because it is making me cry now just thinking about it."

Kinsley:  "Are you happy at me?"
Addyson:  No response
Kinsley:  "Why is everyone mad at me??!!!"  Followed by tears and hysterics.

I am simply doomed.