Saturday, March 23, 2013


Being a military family many things we see or hear on a normal day, are definitely not normal to the average civilian.

Today on our way home from getting groceries, Addyson noticed the recruits all lined up in formation addressing their drill sergeant.

Addyson:  "Mommy, is that where daddy teaches?"
Mommy:  "Nope.  It is close, but a few streets away."
Addyson:  "Does daddy have to march and sing?"
Mommy:  "Some times."
Addyson:  (In a military cadence tune) "I am going to dance, NOW.  I am going to dance, NOW."
Mommy:  "That's pretty silly."
Addyson:  "I bet you the soldiers sing that song, huh?"
Mommy:  (Laughing) "No, honey, they do not sing about dancing.  But, it would be funny and way more fun if they did, huh?"
Addyson:  "Yep."  

And immediately after she continues her cadence.

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