Wednesday, March 6, 2013


These two girls are so dang emotional!  It used to just be Addyson but in the last month or so Kinsley has started in as well.

Some samplings:

Mommy:  "Addyson, would you like to go stay at Grandma's this summer for a couple days by yourself."
Addyson:  "No, never again!"
Mommy:  "But, you LOVE Grandma's house."
Addyson:  "But, I want you there too.  I cried when I was there last time.  I can't talk about it, because it is making me cry now just thinking about it."

Kinsley:  "Are you happy at me?"
Addyson:  No response
Kinsley:  "Why is everyone mad at me??!!!"  Followed by tears and hysterics.

I am simply doomed.

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  1. Sisters. We have a long, long road ahead of us. Sheesh.


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