Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Leftovers - salt in the wounds

Sorry, Danifred, I haven't been keeping up these days.  But, I needed to get out this week's issues:

  • I babysat three of the five school days for free, all day.  
  • I don't mind helping out a friend, I offer quite frequently.  
  • But, I do not want to be taken advantage of.  
  • Especially when the reason I am not working is because I do not want to pay day care prices for two.  And when someone asks you to babysit so they can not only work, but substitute (which I could/should be doing), it feels like salt in the wounds. 
  • Soccer season has begun. 
  • Monday - Thursday we will have dance or soccer and Saturdays are filled with soccer games and dance performances for Addyson.  40 minutes drive a part.  I would really like a schedule last week, I'm itching to plan and figure it all out. 
  • Kids had eye appointments this week - and all three are still in the clear.  Phew. 
  • I also went to the doc this week for two different issues.  I'm currently waiting on two of three test results to return.  
  • It has been a long week and I think I am looking forward to spring break more than Addyson.  

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  1. Being taken advantage of sucks, especially when you're trying to help out others.


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