Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cute Baby Saturday - Triplets/Twins???

Yes, these two girls are dressed alike on this particular day.  Do you notice the height difference?  It's pretty substantial.  They are not twins.  When out and about we get asked at least twice if the girls are twins, no matter how they are dressed.  

And these three together, are definitely NOT triplets.  Again, see the height difference.  I know they all look alike, because duh, they are siblings.  

I agree Eligh, they need to get it right.  The two little ones, yes, they are the twins.  There are plenty of boy/girl twins in this world, don't assume that just because there are two girls they are the twins.  

People don't you know that assuming makes YOU look like an ass, NOT me?!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - end of March edition

  • I went to a JBF sale this week and left with two purchases.  It was definitely more for the babies than my tots.  
  • I set up the twins to be screened for three year old prek.  Won't happen for a couple of months nor will we know anything for even longer.  
  • I finally got the girls' dance pictures and it's some serious cuteness. 
  • Kinsley had a follow up for her asthma and we are back to treating her for asthma and reflux.  I'm tired of these wait and see trials.  
  • The foot doc wouldn't let me get another steroid shot because as she said, "It will just mask the pain."  Duh, that's what I want!  But, she did give me a brace to wear, instructions to always wear shoes (even at home), and new insoles.  I wore the brace that entire day and my foot has felt fine ever since.  I'm not going to wear shoes all day and putting the new insoles in gave me a blister on my "healthy" foot.  
  • I ran 2.5 miles today outside on a trail through the woods that consisted of some pretty steep hills and an entire path of small gravel.  I ran the entire thing, not fast by any means, but I didn't stop once to walk.  Yes, I'm tooting my own horn.  
  • Cody and I are attempting to grow flowers this year and have everything planted and watered.  My vegetable plants are awaiting to be transferred.  
  • Addy had a couple rough days this week of being overly emotional that required quite a bit of tough love.  
  • Eligh was not a fan of the mohawk daddy tried cutting for him, even though he thought he looked pretty good.  Now he is nearly bald and even though he wants to look like daddy, he keeps trying to pull his stubble to make it grow.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Talking Tuesday #12

Eligh checking himself out in the mirror:  "I look GOOD with this hair!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our little secret

Addy has always been needier than the twins when it comes to sleeping.  When Cody was deployed the last time, I let her crawl into my bed during storms versus forcing her back to her room.  I know, I know it was the wrong decision. 

If it storms now, she will come announce that it is storming with tears.  Depending on the extent of the storm we can simply leave her door cracked and she stays put.  Crazier storms she sleeps on the floor next to my bed. 

Every single day of the week she asks if I will stay upstairs when she heads to bed, even though I tell her I won't be up until later.  We compromise with keeping the hallway light on until daddy and I head to bed. 

There are some random early mornings (5 am) where she whines about something and since daddy is already on his way to work I let her crawl into bed with me.  It's our little secret.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

For the love of drama

A small sampling of the drama that these three create:

Addyson:  "Kinsley, quit calling me 'oh my goodness.'  I am NOT 'oh my goodness!'"

Addyson:  "Eligh, I am not a teeka taka."

This caused some tears, yelling, and all out whining.  I wish I was making this up. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - sick + rain = crazy mommy

  • I keep a pretty clean, organized house from top to bottom.  It does need to be dusted, but overall my house is pretty damn clean (especially in comparison to some houses I have seen lately).  
  • Why the beep do my children get sick all.the.damn.time?!
  • Just finished Addy sick last weekend, and then bam Eligh is sick.  
  • I took him in for a rash around his ear and neck along with a complaint of his ear hurting, nothing else.  No fever, cold symptoms, NADA.  We leave with him being diagnosed with a DOUBLE ear infection.  WTF?!  
  • Two hours after leaving the doc and getting meds we get home and deal with an over 104 fever, at one point it was nearing 106.  I was nearing panic mode.  
  •  Yesterday he vomited twice and refused his meds.  Doc switched the meds.  
  • Today he woke up with red bumps all over the back of his head, neck, back, shoulders and a low fever.  He didn't eat until lunch and threw up his entire dinner.  
  • I also went to the doc for foot pain (same as last summer) which I'm hoping will include another steroid shot and I'll be good for another 10 months.  I also mentioned my two+ week cold, and left with three meds and a diagnosis of bronchitis.  
  • On top of the crazy sick, it has rained nearly every single day this week.  I'm going to stir crazy and need to get out of this house ASAP!
  • Cody is working this Saturday along with many more Saturdays which just makes my weeks even longer.  
  • This mommy is going crazy. 
  • The end.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday talk

Addyson has been asking and counting down until her birthday.  Last night all three were asking questions about age and birthdays and the following occurred:

Daddy:  "How old is mommy?"
Addyson:  "61."
Daddy:  "No, mommy is 29."
Addyson:  "Ok."

Mommy:  "How old is daddy?"
Eligh:  "49.  When I get bigger like daddy I want no hair too."  
Mommy:  "No, you won't.  You want to keep your hair as long as you can."
Eligh:  "NO!!!  I don't want to have hair."

First, my children think I'm 11 years older than their daddy.  Secondly, Eligh will one day regret his request.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Then and Now - Eight

An engagement picture

Just this past weekend

Eight years married today - may we continue to harass each other for the next 60 years.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Notice who is on Addy's shirt? She is just a tad obsessed with this princess and has been asking to have hair like Rapunzel.  I took Addy for just a trim last week and explained that in order for her hair to grow she has to trim it just a little.  I did NOT force her to chop it off, I did tell her that short would also look cute, but she could have it any way she wanted.  Short is what SHE chose.  Addy has now informed me that when her hair gets long, she wants to cut it again, because "It's cute, mommy."  I agree.  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - too tired edition

  • This week was Addy's spring break.
  • It started great and ended poorly. 
  • The kids and I spent many days outside enjoying the weather. 
  • Shorts and t-shirt weather in March.  What?!
  • I sorted through all the summer clothes and organized items to yard sale.  
  • Yesterday morning Addy started vomiting all day.  
  • She fell asleep around midnight. 
  • We all woke up to a thunderstorm and two little ones climbing in the bed who we later moved to Eligh's room where they stayed.  
  • Addy woke up screaming in pain again.  But, then I found a massive hive like rash on her face and neck.  
  • Took her to the ER - eight hours later with three of those involving me juggling the twins and Addy at the same time and it is a virus that caused the hive.  Interesting.  
  • Any way, I'm cross-eyed tired and still fighting a cold hopefully the weekend turns around.  
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Talking Tuesday #11 - pecker edition

Addyson:  "Mommy, I hear a pecker!" (woodpecker) 

Kinsley:  "Mommy, my tackywacker hurts.  Wait, I don't have a tackywacker.  I'm not a boy!"

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I mentioned that we had surprise in store for the kiddos.  Our neighbor convinced us to go to the circus (the kids have never been and I haven't been since I was probably in kindergarten) by giving us a little deal.  If all four of us adults went together we could get a free ticket for every child (we have three kiddos, they have two (one is not even one - so she didn't need a ticket either way).  After some discussions we decided we would try it out.  We didn't tell the kids until we passed a clown near the entrance and they had no idea what the circus was.  None!  I did some explaining about what they may see and Addyson was jumping up and down declaring that Dumbo is at the circus!  Eligh had a meltdown and feared seeing a lion and tiger.  Kinsley was doing whatever Addyson did. 

We arrived nearly an hour beforehand, which was great.  We parked, got our tickets, and picked seats (front row).

They had a jump house up, picture with a snake (no thank you), and rides on an elephant or ponies.  I let them each choose one activity as this is where the added costs came in.  Girls jumped up and down and screamed, "PONIES!!!"

Eligh sat with dad in his seat not wanting to participate in any of these up close with animal activities.  But, as soon as the girls and I finish their rides, Eligh wants to ride.  He was smiling from ear to ear.  This just doesn't capture his excitement.

By the time we got back to our seats and settled, we let them also pick out one gift.  Girls picked out some butterfly wands that light up and sing (foreign lady catchy tune that Cody has convinced me that it says:  "Aye ye ye yi, no need to effin can touch the sky).   Eligh picked out a light up gun that also makes noise (gun noises, not foreign music - phew). 

I snuck in some lunchables and cups of water for the kids to help cut the cost on food and only ended up buying on thing of cotton candy for the kids to share.

(popcorn in above picture was the neighbor's)

The show was three hours long and did not feel too long at all.  I definitely think we got our money's worth and will be going back again next year.  Especially considering as soon as we were leaving they all asked, "Can we do this again?"

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - here, there, everywhere

  • This has been a very busy week.  
  • Addy's best friend had her fifth birthday, which means Addy's is just around the corner.  I keep asking her what she wants and she responds, "Just surprise me, mom."  Not at all helpful.  
  • The twins started t-ball = HYSTERICAL
  • I spent way too many nights up late and suffered the following day from it with migraines.  
  • The kids had a dentist appointment this week.  Addy was spazzing and asking questions all week long, in the waiting room, and in the exam room.  She was perfectly fine.  Kinsley cried the entire time her teeth were being cleaned.  All three declared they never want to go back to the dentist again.  (They have all been going since they turned two, so this is nothing new)
  • Addy's spring break  I'm excited that not only will she be off of school but we are supposed to have some warmer weather.  
  • I was up most of the night dealing with Addy complaining of her ear hurting, but this morning she declared it only hurt a little, and now it doesn't hurt at all.  What the heck?
  • I received my first B in one of my classes and I'm pissed and have been the entire six weeks of the course.  Teacher sucked, and my evaluation ripped her a new one.  I know a handful of other students in the class felt the same way and were also going to evaluate her in the same manner. 
  • Kids are in for a BIG surprise tomorrow.  
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yes, "we" nap

In the mist of having newborn twins and a 17 month old, I was willing to find any helpful tools to help me survive.  My sister suggested reading the following, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child."   I somehow found time to read, highlight, take notes, and digest this book and am so glad I did.  We followed the napping schedule and soon all three of my kids were taking afternoon naps together (which is a life saver).  I would never tell my sister how helpful this suggestion was, but it was. 

Today at the ages of 3, 3, and 4 (5 next month - sigh) my kids are still napping.  Yes, yes, I know this is not what many others do, but it is what works for us.  Nap begins around 12:15 and can go as early as 2pm or as late as 4pm, each typically waking at their own time.  And, there are days when we have tasks or events to complete that interrupt nap (like today they all had to go to the dentist in the middle of nap time), and they are all fine.  The key with mine is to not let them skip naps for too many days in a row or we are dealing with meltdowns. 

Naps are not always easy, and have required some work and adjustments, but to me it is all worth it. 

Feel free to ask me some questions, I didn't want to make this a super long post about napping, but am willing to answer some more questions if anyone would like. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Talking Tuesday #10 - Hard life

Hubby was able to miss work if he went fishing, yes, you read that right.  So, he went fishing with some guys from work and even brought Eligh along for the day.  The boys were gone from morning until mid afternoon.  Soon as they got back towards home they met me and the girls at Addy's friend's house to celebrate her birthday, which involved the kids playing outside for a couple of hours (bikes, motorized vehicles, treasure hunting, sand digging, etc).  We all ate dinner, had cake, opened gifts, and then Cody and I took the twins to their first t-ball practice (instructional practice inside a gym).

After t-ball, we had to go pick up Addy. 

As we were driving I asked Eligh, "Hey, bud, did you have a good day today?"

Eligh:  "It was a hard day, mom."

To be young again and only have to play all day....

Monday, March 5, 2012

QOTW - Getting in Shape

Question Of The Week is created by MOM's  

How do you manage to stay in shape?

I have gone up and down with finding a routine or schedule with working out.  Once I quit working, I have found the need and time to to do so.

One of the few luxuries of being a military wife is the FREE access to at least one gym, more times than not there are at least two gyms on base we can use.  The problem is that these free gyms do not offer child care, so I have to work around hubby's schedule.

I'm currently following this schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday = 6pm - 7pm in which I follow with some editing at times CrossFit.

Saturday = If we have no plans, I either go to the gym with classes or do another CrossFit workout.

Sunday = Again, if no family plans, I do Zumba at the gym.

It may or may not change depending on unforeseen schedule changes, activities for the kids, or sicknesses.  Currently, I am fighting a cold that involves a nasty sore throat and haven't ran or worked out since Saturday.  If I can swallow tomorrow I'll just run at home on the treadmill in the morning. 

***If I was skinny and/lucky, I wouldn't feel the need to work out, but I am not.*** 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dodged lightning strike

I have not been to church in a super long time and to be honest was wanting to switch my religions (I still do, but a certain someone is up my arse about it, so I simply can't). 

So...this morning Addy and I went (her first time) and boy does that girl have a lot of questions.  Here are just a few of the many I heard during our hour long church experience:
"What is a bloodline?"
"Who died?"
"Why did they die?"
"Why is that girl dressed like that?"
"Do I have to drink blood?"  
 And of course...."How much longer?"

But, the important thing is I did not get struck by lightning from my lack of visiting and even though the sermon was waaaaayyyy too heavy for my first visit back (post coming  very soon), it felt good to be there.  Baby steps for now.  Baby steps. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

One task

Addy has always been one to want to help around the house. This week she has asked to put dirty laundry in the basket and carry it down the stairs. She was very adamant about completing this task and has done it successfully a couple times.

Today, I was trying to get as much as I could done before we all headed out for the day and I asked Addy to unload the clean laundry from the dryer and push the basket to the living room (about five feet away). She was ECSTATIC!

But....then I asked her to bring me down a hair tie and her brush and suddenly she was too tired. Her response, "Mom, I already helped with the laundry, ok?"

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - tornado edition

  • One child vomited for eight hours straight out of no where.  No other symptoms, not food poisoning as we all ate the same thing. 
  • Same child complained all week that her chest hurt, and would not eat every meal.  
  • Nurse told me to go to ER, I did and it was a waste.  This child is acting normal again, except for an annoying cough (oh wait, that has been going on for a year now).  
  • One other child is now coughing and has a low fever.  
  • Twins are signed up for t-ball and it starts next week.  This will be interesting. 
  • We had the wonderful pleasure of waking up three kiddos at midnight to hide out in our "tornado" closet.  All three kiddos have asked every day if it is going to be a tornado again and if we are going to have to go in the closet again.  I have a feeling this is going to be a bad storm season.  
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Head meets wall

You ever have one of those days where you just want to bang your head against the wall more than once? 

No, you haven't - well I wish I was that lucky. 

Today I am having one of those for a multitude of reasons.  I'm over today and I know my evening is going to be interrupted sleep and possible storms, so tomorrow needs to just get here so I can get through it all.