Monday, March 5, 2012

QOTW - Getting in Shape

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How do you manage to stay in shape?

I have gone up and down with finding a routine or schedule with working out.  Once I quit working, I have found the need and time to to do so.

One of the few luxuries of being a military wife is the FREE access to at least one gym, more times than not there are at least two gyms on base we can use.  The problem is that these free gyms do not offer child care, so I have to work around hubby's schedule.

I'm currently following this schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday = 6pm - 7pm in which I follow with some editing at times CrossFit.

Saturday = If we have no plans, I either go to the gym with classes or do another CrossFit workout.

Sunday = Again, if no family plans, I do Zumba at the gym.

It may or may not change depending on unforeseen schedule changes, activities for the kids, or sicknesses.  Currently, I am fighting a cold that involves a nasty sore throat and haven't ran or worked out since Saturday.  If I can swallow tomorrow I'll just run at home on the treadmill in the morning. 

***If I was skinny and/lucky, I wouldn't feel the need to work out, but I am not.*** 


  1. Good for you!! I am naturally thin. I guess I'm lucky. BUT, I still workout 5 days a week. I think people often mistaken being skinny with being fit. Definitely different. :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I wish our gym was FREE!!!

  3. I desperately need to work out. Just ask this baby weight !!!!!


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