Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to get serious

Gulp!  Just finished talking to my academic advisor and "It's the final countdown."  School officially starts tomorrow, and I'm more than freaking out.  I have to figure out how to stay focused, how to manage time when three little ones are running around, finish assignments, prep and cook meals, clean, laundry, blog a little, read a little, and dammit, play with my new toy. 

I have not attended an online university ever and have taken a couple online classes in the past, so this will be an adjustment. 

I'm definitely glad I did NOT pursue that job, because I know for a fact that I would not have been able to do both, nor do I foresee myself getting any type of job until I finish up this degree.  To those that can manage school, work, children, a house you simply ROCK!  Pat yourself on the back, and if you have some time make sure to appreciate all that you do.  Me, I'm taking the easier way out. 

A side note - instead of blogging and reading up on some blogs I should totally be working ahead on some of these assignments.  Shhh....

Sunday, February 27, 2011


First, Addy and I got back to Missouri yesterday early evening. Daddy did survive with the twins and said they were angels - not surprised considering one of three was removed for a couple of days.

I do have some exciting news to share.

OK, are you ready?

You sure?

I am a happy new owner of

Ain't it cute? 

I think I deserve a little something to make my time in school easier, as well as any upcoming moves (considering all of my books are in totes in the garage). 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leaving daddy home with two boogery children

  • Carpet cleaning crew came over this morning to give us the bad news that we would not have our living situation fixed until the end of the day Friday or Monday.  Dammit!!! 
  • We were originally planning on heading up to IL Friday afternoon to take care of some things as well as bring the rest of our outdoor items here. 
  • Change of plans.
  • Addy and I are leaving tomorrow for Illinois and will be back on Saturday. 
  • I'll finally have our taxes done as of Friday.  Our taxes are much more complex and require someone with some knowledge of our family's investments, which is why I'm having to go up to IL so we can use someone we trust. 
  • Eligh and Kinsley are both boogery and coughing quite frequently. 
  • My throat is scratchy, not a good sign.
  • This will be the first time Cody has ever been home alone with any of the kids for more than a day. 
  • Can't wait to hear the stories when I return.
  • I started my first school workshop today and am annoyed that I can't complete the next two days' worth.  I like to work ahead, especially since I'll be out of state the next two days.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ease dropping

This morning for some odd reason I awoke before anyone in the entire house, at a bright 6 a.m.  Maybe sleeping on the couch does that to my body - which is probably going to be until the end of the week.  Blech.  Anywho, I went downstairs showered, dressed, and quietly came back upstairs.  I heard Kinsley crying (not a good sign of any day to come), so I slowly opened the door and am glad I did, or I would have missed this cute exchange between the girls. 

Kinsley:  Crying and stirring in her bed.
Addy:  It's ok, Kinsley, I'm right here.  I love you. 
Kinsley: Crying a little less and rolling over in her bed.
Addy:  Kinsley, mommy and daddy are in the living room. Do you want mommy and daddy?
Kinsley:  I want mommy. 
Addy:  Ok, but you have to go back to sleep.  Remember?* 
Kinsley:  NO, I want mommy.

*We have been trying to tell the girls they have to sleep until the sun comes up (because this 6:30 yelling for mommy and daddy is not the way I want to wake up in the morning. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to get crap on your pants

Yesterday after Cody got home from work, we decided to go run to the outlet mall that was supposed to also contain a certain toy store (which it did not).  Websites need to update their stuff.  Anyway, we picked up a couple necessities for the spring/summer for the kidlets and browsed the area.  Then we decided to drive an hour and a half to hit up this toy store, because we needed a new car seat for Addy and Target was sold out of anything comfortable, Eligh needed a bike, plus I had a gift card.  Off we went.

  • The kids were chomping on some food and watching a movie during this long drive.
  • 20 minutes remained and Eligh starts squirming telling us, "I pooped!  I pooped!"
  • I tell Eligh we will change him in a couple of minutes.  This worked for about 5 minutes.
  • More yelling, whining, and squirming from him and I decide to change him while we were driving (yes, I know this is wrong, but we could not pull over, and it was the first time we have ever done this).
  • It was dark out, so I had to put on the lights in the van.
  • I get out the wipes, a diaper, and put his string bean self on my lap.
  • I tear off the tabs of the diaper and begin to pull open the diaper.
  • I assumed it was one of his nugget type poops and was not at all worried about what I was about to unveil.
  • Pulling the diaper some more
  • Cody hits a bump
  • Diaper flies open
  • There is shit up the back of the diaper nearing the edge of the diaper
  • I attempt to lift his butt up to get to wiping
  • We hit another bump
  • Eligh squirms
  • Diaper falls
  • Shit gets on my jeans
  • "Oh my god!!!!  There is shit everywhere!"
  • Cody laughs.
  • "No seriously!!!!  IT'S ON MY PANTS!!!!"
  • Cody laughs some more.
  • (I should have taken the diaper and whipped it at his face for his mockery)
  • I get Eligh back in his seat
  • Scrub the hell out of my pants
  • Squirt antibacterial gel all over the shit stain
  • Scrub some more
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat
Lesson learned.  Never, EVER change a diaper in a moving vehicle. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cute Babies Saturday - Playground Fun Begins

Two days in a row we visited the playground.  The very first day we visited the playground we brought home a wounded eye from Kinsley.  A slip of her foot on a step and she hit the corner of her eye and was left with a nice bruise. 

Yesterday was day two, and we tried out one of the many playgrounds on base and it was desiged for smaller children and did not cause me to panic and run in fifty directions making sure no one was going to fall. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Water, water, everywhere

  • At the beginning of the week I brainstormed some very deep hidden thoughts and feelings and started drafting in my head what I was going to post. 
  • On the night of Valentine's Day as Addyson headed to bed she ran up to me gave me a big hug and kiss and told me "Happy Valentine's Day mommy, I love you sooooo much."  Melted my heart. 
  • My mom started playing her mind ninja games on my emotions and head, because of someone else's actions. 
  • This should have been my sign that things were going to go downhill.
  • I had to take Addyson to get count them, FIVE, total shots.  Her pour legs are bruised and before 10 a.m. she was sipping on a milkshake.
  • I signed Addyson up through CYS (on post children services for things such as daycare, preschool, sports, etc).  She missed the Pre-K class by one person for the rest of this year. 
  • But, she is number one on the list. 
  • She is also on the wait list for dance class, no idea how long that list is.
  • Wednesday was a beautiful day here, and Cody decided to wash the van of all the nasty salt and mud that had taken it over. 
  • It was not coming as clean as we would like, so we decided to take the kids to go get it washed. 
  • Got the kids loaded up and I ran in to grab my wallet. 
  • As I stepped down the last step into the toyroom/office area of the finished basement my foot got sopping wet.  OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH.  WHY?   WHY?  WHY?
  • I sprinted outside to tell Cody to turn off all the water and told him what happened.  I went back inside and sure enough there was water completely saturating the toyroom/office room, our bedroom, and part of the bathroom. 
  • We drove down to the rental company and they immediately dispatched someone out to the house.  I left with the kids to get out of the way while Cody attempted to get everything out of the rooms. 
  • There was so much water that it was pouring out of one of the outlets. 
  • The pipe that connects to the hose outside froze and burst.  We spent 3 hours sucking up carpet that night, and then another 2 hours the following morning. 
  • The cleaning crew came out yesterday and spent nearly the whole day here sucking it up, spraying some anti mold crap, and now it is being fanned out for the entire weekend. 
  • If I explain how pissed, frustrated, and upset I am over all of this it will lead to never ending tears. 
  • I promise you that I don't purposely look for negative things to write - I am just doomed to have bad shit happen to me. 
Go check out Danifred, our host, I'm sure she has something more positive to write about. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

A day of love, sweets, overpriced flowers and cards, and overcrowded restaurants.  Just not our thing.  But, we try to show our love for the three crazy monkeys that drive us bonkers each and every day.  My three valentines got a little something from grandma and grandpa and mommy and daddy.

And a little something we made for daddy:

Aren't they cute?  
Yep, I think so to.  
But they are mine (at least for today - because when they are bad you can have them).

I hope however you choose to spend your Valentines Day it is filled with something sweet.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Senses - Just the Girls

Sight - Just the girls sliding on their ramps and dancing in circles while the boys are out getting a haircut (well Eligh, since daddy doesn't have any hair, but someone had to drive him, huh?) 
Sound - "Life is a Highway" from "Cars."  Girls are insistent on listening to music while playing in the toy room.
Touch - Just had to pick up all the girls' beads
Taste - I have cotton mouth,
Smell - Coconut Palm from my Army Scentsy warmer that's on top of the computer desk.  Makes me yearn for warmer weather.  (P.S. most items are 10% for this month only)

Stop by and leave some love for our host, Rebecca.  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cute babies Saturday: Following (or not) instructions

I know it isn't Saturday, but I'm trying here. 
Read to me Kinsley, pleaasse!  And then, I'm not going to pay attention one bit.


Strong willed and determined to do what SHE wants.

My lefty

Lipstick - marker style (determination to do again what SHE wants)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Flying Poop

  • Stupid, stupid Greenbay won Sunday.  This means that my husband will spend the next year+ gloating and rubbing it in my face.
  • We were welcomed back to Missouri with inches of snow atop of ice.  

  • Snow I do not mind, ice, though - yuck, yuck, yuck.
  • Our family could be saving $60+ a month on groceries if the twins were potty trained.  Anyone want to volunteer their services?  
  • Cody officially signed into his unit yesterday, and will now be an instructor, which means more normal hours than the past 7 years have been. 
  • I'm really liking being home with my kids all day, preparing dinner without the stress of children screaming because they haven't seen me all day, and so much more.  BUT, I feel out of place with those that surround me.  
  • I went to school, worked, and had three babies while others stayed home.  Now, I'm the one staying home and everyone else is working.  Don't know where I fit these days.
  • Kinsley woke up crying that her tummy hurt, and collapsed as soon as she stood up this morning.  It is NOT her tummy, but something with her left leg.  She is favoring it and limping, and needs assistance walking when carrying objects.  
  • Today, flying poop from a diaper change landed upon Eligh's lip.  He told daddy during lunch that he had "Yuck" on his lips.  
  • Rebecca was discussing how she has so much winter gear for her children that she just doesn't know where to put it.  So, I'm going to show her my solution to all the boots and it could also be used for snow pants, hats, gloves.  I have two of these
This one sits in our front closet and holds 3 pairs of rain boots, 3 pairs of everyday wear boots, and an occasional pair of Crocs or two.  
We have another bucket (it's blue) that sits out in the garage with all the snow boots.  
  • In the summer we will pack up the snow boots and stuff it full of Crocs, sandals, and a pair of play shoes.  
  • I believe they were $5 at that store so many of us visit for both groceries and other such items.  And, I know I saw them out in the lawn center a couple weeks ago.  
As always, stop by to check out our host, Danifred. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


We are finally all back in Missouri and Cody is signing into his new unit, which means I'll be home all day by myself again with no help until the evenings.  But, he will be home every day.  We will be settling into a new routine once again, so it might be a tad bumpy for a few days. 

Lately we have been dishing out the following threats to our crazy, but so adorable little monkeys:
  • If you don't eat you are going in the garbage can.
  • If you don't eat, I'm putting you outside in the snow without a jacket.
  • If you don't go to sleep, you are sleeping in a dark room all by yourself.
  • Clean up the books, or you are going to bed an hour early.
  • Stop screaming, or mommy is running away.
  • Say you're sorry, or you are going to go to your room.
  • Clean up, or you are going to bed
  • Be nice or no more fun stuff today
  • Settle down, or I'm going to send you to the moon.
Feel free to use any of these ultimatums as you please, no credit is needed. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - To earn or not to earn

  • First, today is Cody's 30th birthday and there will be no cake today.  Today is filled with another event (which I'll get to in a couple bullets), tomorrow the two of us are going on a date night, and Sunday we will be celebrating with family.  So, actually he is getting a whole weekend of celebrations, isn't he lucky?
  • This was the week of to work or not to work.  I actually went and talked to a potential employer for at least 30 minutes, with full intentions of filling out and returning an official application when we return to Missouri. 
  • Any extra money would definitely be a plus.  The job description, hours, and demands, though, are just too much for me.  I love being with my children too much to be away from them M-F, with absolutely NO vacations, and many late nights.
  • I'm still debating whether or not to look into teaching this upcoming fall.  Which, if I want to, I need to get my certification done asap so I can apply for one of the three jobs currently available fall.  The chances of getting the one job I would be qualified to do seem very unlikely considering the county had to close a school down this past year.
  • Can we make it on just one salary, of course, will it be easy?  No.  Would it be worth it?  Of course. 
  • With all that said, I am starting school back up in just a month, and it has been 5 years since I've been in school, so I know that in itself will be an adjustment. 
  • Cody and I have also made some bigger decisions as far as planning our future, which will be shared a little later in the year. 
  • Here is my shameless plug - as I've mentioned before, I am a Scentsy Consultant (after buying many products for 2 years).  My mom is hosting a party tonight and it is up on my website for any one who would be interested in ordering.  It would all be shipped directly to your house within the next couple weeks and there are many, many items that are currently 10% off.  If you have any questions about any of the products or placing an order, just send me an email and I'll get right back to you.
As always, leave love for our host, Danifred.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If you drive there, it will happen

I have commented before to many of you how jealous I am of those who have had a real snowstorm.  In Missouri, we have an inch or two, but mostly ice has covered the roads.  Nothing to take the kids out to see and play in, nothing. 

We had made plans to drive to Illinois on Tuesday for the week to celebrate Cody's upcoming 30th birthday along with the Superbowl.  We bumped it up at the last minute because we knew we were going to be getting bad weather in both Missouri and Illinois, and thankfully we did. 

Monday afternoon when we finally got situated and out the door we encountered rain for 6 straight hours.  Rain that turned to ice, and required us to stop four additional times to de-ice the wiper blades and the windshield, because the defroster could not keep up.  Then there was a stretch of pure ice covering the roads, which as a passenger who loves having control, I could not handle.  I was gripping the side door handle and clenching my jaw bracing to end up in a ditch.  It sucked, to say the least. 

But, we arrived in a little over 6 hours at our final destination, and yesterday we encountered the blizzard I had been wanting.  We are stuck in the house today because the winds prevent the plows from keeping up with the drifts, making the roads impossible to drive. 

Tomorrow, I do have plans for a much needed cut, color, and highlight and hopefully my little treat for myself will be possible.