Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two thumbs

This crazy dad I know keeps teaching three cute kiddos some off the wall antics.

Their newest lesson - two thumbs.

Kinsley: "Who has two thumbs and is beautiful? This girl!"

Eligh: "Who has two thumbs and is amazing? This guy!"

I am currently seeking advice, poison, etc to help stop this crazy dad from continuing the madness.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Size matters

Tonight at the dinner table, as usual, a child or two were taking FOREVER to eat. Doing everything they could to help distract us from their non-eating game. (Please tell me this doesn't only happen in our house).

I went on a small tangent explaining how grateful they should be to have a home made dinner when there are so many families who do not. Then, Cody went on to explain how they could be eating fast food every night. I then explained how eating junk all day every day can cause you to get a big butt and thus not e able to exercise and play sports, dance, etc (I know it went a tad too far this evening - but I can admit my wrongs and after nine days of sick kiddos you start losing it).

And then this conversation to shut us all up and continue eating (or not).

Eligh: "I don't have a big butt."

Daddy: "You are right, you have no butt."

Eligh: "If I don't have a butt, then I don't have a tackywacker."

Daddy: (laughing) "Yes, you do."

Eligh: " have a HUGE tackywacker daddy."

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It clicked

Addyson has been coming home with little books for many months.  She keeps them in a little  box next to her bed and we read at least one a night besides the story daddy or I have to read each night.

In the past three weeks, the teacher has been sending home a book based on Addyson's reading level to be read by her to three different people each night.  She has been doing great and even increasing her level a few times.  

Addyson has always been one to follow directions and typically does her work without any complaints.  But, when I ask her to do something that appears harder than she thinks she can handle or if she is tired (but oh, she will not admit this) she will do the bare minimum.  I, though, know she can do a little bit more and have been slowly challenging her without letting her see it as a challenge.

To help add to the challenge, I have been purchasing a couple books she can read with little to no assistance to encourage her to read on her own.

FINALLY, last week (before the sick kicked in), Addyson started asking to read not only her required book each evening but sometimes up to three different books.  At first, Cody tried to stop her from reading declaring it was too late, but I not only allowed it, but encouraged her.  Sure she was staying up a little later, but she was READING.  How can I stop her from reading?  I could NOT.  And, last week she declared at bed time, "Mommy, I LOVE reading!"  Oh how my heart smiled.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I am annoyed. Our timing in this family sucks. Cody had some tumors removed from his eye lids Thursday afternoon. He had off Friday - Monday. A long weekend!!! Addyson has Monday off as well, double score.

I had high hopes of enjoying the long weekend with the family but instead we got screwed. Addyson woke up Friday morning with a fever and sore throat. She is still battling a fever but our only options until Tuesday are the ER. Unless she gets severely worse we are holding out for the doctor. And maybe miraculously she will be well tomorrow (wishful thinking).

We have cleaned, played board games, the Wii, puzzles, toys, and a couple movies, all mixed in with tending to Addy.

While we are stuck in the house on an extended weekend - I hope everyone else has had the ability to enjoy the weekend more than we have.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


One day this afternoon after the twins' nap in that very small window of time before needing to pick up Addy from school, I was skipping through the Grammy's.  So glad I DVRed it so I did not have to suffer through all the boring mumble jumble and snoozing performances or odd ones I just did not care for. 

All of a sudden Adele comes on stage to present an award and Eligh comments: "Oh my gosh!!!  She is BEAUTIFUL!!!"

I smiled so proudly.  

May Eligh always compliment women.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

School is not for me

Eligh:  "Mommy, I do NOT want to be 5."
Mommy:  "Why?"
Eligh:  "I don't want to go to school, EVER!"
Mommy:  "Why don't you want to go to school?"
Eligh:  "I don't want shots EVER AGAIN!!!"

I believe he is traumatized

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trust yourself

Addyson started the school year scared to leave home and venture out on her own.  But, after getting her feet settled into a routine she really started to enjoy school.  With that said, she was always ready to come home for the day.  Kinder is a long, full day.

Last week out of no where, Addyson was fighting me to even get out of bed to go to school.  She was crying her eyes out begging to stay home.  I tried giving her more time to get ready, asked her various questions trying to determine why the change of attitude, and nothing was getting to the bottom of the problem.  Finally, after tossing around the idea for the entire week, I decided to email her teacher to see if she had any idea why the sudden change in her attitude.

The teacher assured me she was behaving great in school and saw no problems what so ever.  I put the whole idea away and less than 24 hours from the first email, the teacher emailed back explaining that she remembers Addyson voicing concerns about the two boys at her table.  The teacher said she had talked to the boys and assumed it was all taken care of.  The teacher wanted me to ask Addyson if she wanted to move seat before arriving at school the next day.  As soon as I asked Addyson about moving seats and the little boys at her table, a light bulb went off.  She explained that the two boys kept touching and taking her belongings from her and she had told the teacher, but it had not gotten better.  I do not blame any one, especially knowing the teacher has drilled into the students' heads not to tattle and I am sure that Addyson wanted to tell the teacher that things had not improved, but feared getting in trouble for "tattling."

The teacher let Addyson choose her new seat and she has been sitting there for a week and thankfully her crying and begging to stay home has ended and made getting up for school and out the door much easier.

A lesson to myself - "Trust my gut."