Sunday, February 17, 2013


I am annoyed. Our timing in this family sucks. Cody had some tumors removed from his eye lids Thursday afternoon. He had off Friday - Monday. A long weekend!!! Addyson has Monday off as well, double score.

I had high hopes of enjoying the long weekend with the family but instead we got screwed. Addyson woke up Friday morning with a fever and sore throat. She is still battling a fever but our only options until Tuesday are the ER. Unless she gets severely worse we are holding out for the doctor. And maybe miraculously she will be well tomorrow (wishful thinking).

We have cleaned, played board games, the Wii, puzzles, toys, and a couple movies, all mixed in with tending to Addy.

While we are stuck in the house on an extended weekend - I hope everyone else has had the ability to enjoy the weekend more than we have.

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  1. Poor A! I hope you guys get at least Monday to get out of the house.


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