Monday, April 30, 2012

Career guilt

Why do I feel guilty when people ask me if I plan on working or looking for a job, especially when one school year is ending and another year is approaching?  But, I 100% always do! 

When someone, who is working, especially in the same field, asks me if I'm going to apply for a job I tell them I do not know.  But, soon after the conversation has ended, what do I find myself doing?  Oh, searching for a job. What the frick is wrong with me? Why should I feel guilty that I am NOT working?  Yes, I have a degree, experience, and am nearing the completion of my masters degree, but I am not 100% certain what I want to do with it all or even when.  What is so wrong with staying home with my three little ones the past two years?  I wouldn't have seen this life change, but it happened and I have really enjoyed it.  Even the simple routine of taking Addy to and from Pre-K, laundry, snuggles, naps, games, playgrounds, walks, crafts, stories, etc.  I feel blessed that I have been able to enjoy this time home with my children and I do NOT care that I could be doing more with my life, because to me, having these three amazing, beautiful, full of laughter children is worth more than any money in my pocket.  I should NOT feel guilty for my break in teaching, nor will I wonder what more money could do for us, because we are happy just the way we are and that to me is payment enough. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cute baby Saturday - Ear piercing

Kinsley has been asking for the past week to get her ears pierced.  I explained to her what happens when you get them pierced, but then also named everyone she knows who has their ears pierced as well.  My parental decision about the girls having their ears pierced was that it would always be their choice.  I didn't want to get them done as a baby, yes, I know that may be easier, but I also wanted them to have a choice.  So, Friday morning I took Kinsley with Eligh in tow to get her ears pierced after Addy went to school. 
Anxiously waiting 

A colorful flower with real gold - I know some kiddos can get irritated with certain metals, so I figured we would go for the good stuff.  I let her pick out the actual design, though.  

At home and feeling very accomplished. 

She of course cried when it pinched, but after seeing them in the mirror the tears stopped and she instantly asked, "Can we get my toy now?"  Of all the toys to choose from she chose a hula hoop.  

I am so very proud of her. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - questions for you

  • Cody was home for most of the week this week, and you would "think" I would get a lot accomplished, especially all the cleaning I want to get done, but nope.  
  • I got a trim, but really wanted a highlight and an eyebrow wax, but due to Cody's work losing paperwork he got called in right after the trim was finished.   
  • I really want to buy my kids this.  Or there is even this one.  We can't exactly have a playground with all the future moves we may have.  I also don't want to buy anything that won't be played with frequently.  Thoughts?  
  • We went out to a steak house this week with the kids and I think next time I'll buy them an appetizer only as the three of them ate nearly a bucket of peanuts between the three of them.  
  • I need to get Addy t-ball shoes, but don't want to spend $30 for one season of use.  I've been visiting resale shops all weeks crossing my fingers, but have not been successful.  Sigh.
  • I purchased Addy's prek teachers each a Barnes and Noble gift card and I am trying to decide if I want to get them one more personal item, but also don't want to get them something that will simply be a dust collector.  Are the gift cards enough?   
  • Kinsley got her ears pierced today after she asked all week.  She was allowed to pick out a toy afterwards and she chose......a hula hoop.  Silly girl.  
  • Addy does NOT want to get her ears pierced, nor will I make her. 
  • It's going to be a rainy, dreary weekend, so I think my plans will involve the cleaning I put off all week.  
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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Addy:  (giving daddy a hug before nap) "Daddy, when you get back from turkey hunting you get to get your balls snipped."

(I think a certain someone in this house needs to watch what he says in front of small ears.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Indoor water park celebration

Pics from our trip to Branson to celebrate Addy's bday with friends at an indoor water park

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No nap business

Addy announced months before her fifth birthday that she would be nap free at age five, and she of course has not forgotten her own little pledge. We are adjusting.

We have convinced her that she can skip naps five days a week, which is an added day from the six days she originally agreed upon. Dance class days = nap day, and daddy and I have declared Sunday a nap day as well.

For a child who is determined to no longer to nap, she will take a three hour nap on those days.

The five non-napping days I try to give her an activity to do on her own or with very little assistance, because I still have homework to complete that can't always be left to the evenings.

I know that we have been blessed with our consistent napping schedules and I know she is FIVE and oh my gosh how is she still napping, but it's been an adjustment, and not one I'm completely ok with. Because, it's just another reminder of her growing up. Sigh.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sticking my guns - yard sale

Yesterday I had a yard sale and had two of my friends participate as well and even asked my neighbors in my cul de sac.  I was the first one up at 5:30 a.m. setting up and organizing all the tables.  My one neighbor/friend was out at 6 a.m. lugging stuff out while I started organizing her items as well.  The other friend didn't arrive until 15 minutes after the yard sale was to start.  The other neighbors in the cul de sac, probably didn't set up until official start time as well.  I like punctuality, obviously many do not. 

Because I'm smart and think ahead, I planned this yard sale the same day the base was having a massive yard sale at one of the theaters.  I knew, though, that I would have more than one table of items to be sold, so I stuck to having my own.  It paid off!

One of the streets to get to my house is near the main entrance to the post, so my sign was seen by many as they drove to the post yard sale and it brought in a lot of traffic. 

I have done a few yard sales and understand how to bargain and when to stick to my guns. 

Example 1:  Cody had one of those tool sets with a hand saw, flash light, drill, and two other tools.  He has used maybe two things from it a total of three times in the past six years.  I marked it at $25.  Every guy that came to the yard sale (which did you know that tons of men, especially elder men, go yard sale shopping) tried bargaining with me in the first hour.  I just knew, though, that someone would take it as it is, and sure enough.  A pregnant woman called her husband and it was sold a few minutes after the first hour of opening.  

Example 2:  I had a Buzz Lightyear tricycle that was used last summer and kept in the shed unless it was ridden.  It was in good condition.  Brand new the thing costs about $40, I marked at $15.  A little boy jumped on it and start whizzing around the parking lot with it.  His mom asked me to go down to $10, and I explained how much it originally cost and how little it was used and told her I would go to $10 after noon if it was still there.  She turned around saw her son happily pedaling, and bought it for the $15.  

Example 3:  A lady wanted to buy a Barbie horse and carriage but wanted to get it for $2 less.  It was $5 total for both pieces.  Her daughter was holding the toys and jumping up and down with excitement.  I told her that $3 was far too less.  She told her daughter they would keep looking for something else.  She walked across to another neighbor's house, came back and said she would take them both for $4.  Deal. 

Having a yard sale can be a lot of work, mostly getting everything together and pricing it, actually working the yard sale is enjoyable.  You get to make small talk with others, enjoy some time away from your own kids, and of course make some money; nearly $300 for me. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

For my own personal record - Addy's stomach pain

About four months ago, Addy went into the doctor for some insane constipation.  Screaming in pain for hours on end, pushing with absolutely no relief for well over two days.  She was put on Miralax once a day after her X-ray showed TONS of stool as the doc said.  Ridiculous amounts.  Two months go by and I took Addy in for her random rash, and after a bunch of tests we leave with a diagnosis of a virus and her X-ray showed more constipation. 

Last week the day before her birthday she cried hysterically for two straight hours in pain not able to go, even after sitting with her every few minutes trying.  I dug out a nasty laxative that "should" cause someone to go immediately, but it still took another 30+ minutes, but we skipped an ER visit and finally got her some minor relief. 

Yesterday I had a scheduled follow up for this issue and the doc again confirmed that she is still massively constipated (the child goes at least once a day, so I assumed it was getting better).  Her normal once a day Miralax is now bumped to THREE times a day along with some Colace for one week straight, then down to two times a day, and finally back to taking the Miralax once day along with a follow up appointment. 

Even when your kiddos are out of diapers you still have to worry about shit.  Is it too small, is it large, is it runny, hard, etc?  The only reason I even started inquiring about all of this was her pain a few months back, but obviously it has been going on for much longer for her to get this stopped up.  Mom failure #31

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - ache

  • I swear medical issues are a constant topic in my life.  
  • I went in for my annoying back pain this week and left with some meds (not working at all) and a referral to the physical therapist which is another week+ away.  Sleeping hurts and I wake up with my arm/hand completely numb or tingling, but once awake and moving again that part goes away.  Solution - never go to sleep.  What do you think?
  • I have been pricing and getting ready for a yard sale and really hope we get some traffic as I have TONS of stuff (especially kid toys) to get rid of. 
  • Cody needs to replace pretty much everything inside the grill, so we went to price everything out and then debated buying a whole new grill since it was pretty much the same cost.  But, then, since I'm a woman I did some research and called the company directly and got some of the products completely free and also saved TONS buying directly from them vs. a store.  Men, they don't know squat. 
  • The kids missed Paws terribly when we returned from our overnight water park adventure Sunday.  I teased the twins by picking him up after we dropped Addy off at school just so we could drive a mile to get him groomed.  I didn't want to bring him home all nasty.  He's home, clean, and well loved.  
  • A side note to my neighbor.  It's 9 pm, your one year old is crying non-stop, hello----it's way past her bed time.  PUT HER TO BED and let the poor thing sleep!
  • I want a baby.  
  • I won't have another.  
  • I'm aching.  
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little update

I don't want to talk about it.  It's just too much to wrap my head around.  Too much.  

Instead, let me talk about my vein issue. 

About two months ago, I finally asked my doctor about my never-disappearing, painful bruise on my leg.  First look, varicose veins and a referral to a vascular specialist.  The specialist I was referred to is only 25 minutes away, but is only available one day a month.  But, I got even luckier and he wasn't available for two months.  So I waited. 

About a month ago they sent me for pre-testing.  Which involved wearing my upper body clothing and a pair of panties (good thing I wore the full coverage kind that day) and 1.5 hours of ultrasounds from the top of my thighs to the tops of my feet.  I simply left knowing that something was going on with my veins, even though you can't actually see anything from the outside of my legs.  I guess I have deep tissue veins. Again, I waited. 

Two weeks ago, I finally got to meet the vascular specialist.  He read the results, checked out my legs and told me that I have reflux in my one leg, which can lead to blood clots, but at this time I don't have blood clots.  The only way to treat this problem is by a procedure which essentially burns and removes the problem vein to help reroute my blood flow.  BUT, insurance companies require that patients try out the sexy compression stockings.  The stockings will not do ANYthing to fix my problem or anyone else with a similar problem, but it is required for three months.  So again, I wait....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Talking Tuesday - mommy edition

Mommy:  "What do you think about having a fourth child?"

What the fricketyfrack is wrong with me?  I have baby fever something serious and hubby is less than four weeks away from his snip snip surgery. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

PIcture Showdown Part 2 - Easter

I mentioned last week you would be bombarded with pictures, and so it continues.  These are my favorites from Easter.

Muffin tin Easter egg coloring

He was super excited when he saw the eggs change color 

Don't worry it is kool-aid 

Finished eggs

Found her basket 

Very excited 

The favorite gift 

Loves these gloves

Finding eggs



Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - Addy's birthday week

  • Easter was great and we really enjoyed having the extra guests over.  
  • We got a new couch and ottoman this week and switched our toy room and living rooms.  Kids now have a massive toy room and the living room is now much smaller and feels more grown up.  
  • I still can't put my head around having a now FIVE year old.  How did this happen?
  • Her cake tasted even better than it looked - for serious.  
  • I sold the old sectional and it is now out of the house.  Phew.  
  • I went to the store too many time this week.  
  • One of those trips involved buying new curtains and now I have to take them all back, because I hate them.  Oh, and this is after I ironed them and hung them up already.  
  • I have also learned that Kinsley cannot and will not play by herself.
  • This week has been so busy with Easter, Easter clean up, Addy's birthday, and our trip away tomorrow.  Yet, I didn't find any time to get to the gym at all this week.  Not good at all.  
  • I cannot wait until tomorrow.  The kids are jumping out of their skin with excitement, too.  
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picture show down

Loads of picture posts will be coming soon.  Easter pictures, birthday pictures, and this weekend we'll be heading to an indoor water park which will bring even more pictures.  

We'll start with Addy's birthday, because I have to share the pictures of her AMAZING CAKE!  Aaaafreakinmazing!



Worms in Dirt for school 

Close up 

Toothless from "How to Train a Dragon"

Attention to detail 

Isn't he cute?



The crew