Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers on Saturday

Sorry Danifred that I'm a day late.  It was one of "those" evenings. 

  • Eligh had a follow up this week for his ear infection - he's all clear.  I would like to add, though, that the nurses commenting on how skinny and bony he is, is annoying and I will snap at you next time.  
  • We switched the twins' rooms.  Kinsley now has the larger of their two rooms, but I'm still not happy with Eligh's room layout.  
  • The changing table/dresser we have had for nearly five years will be leaving the house this evening.  It's broken and needs to go, but all three have used it and many clothes have been stored in it as well as many booties changed on it.  
  • I am going to have to find a chiropractor soon.  Back pain that feels like it just needs to pop back into place is keeping me up at night and having all the kiddos sit on my back and walk on my back hasn't cured it.  
  • I had my vein appointment this week, which requires it's own post. 
  • The kids (except Addy who passed out on the couch) and the hubby and I were all up until midnight last night.  This.never.happens.  Neighbors came over and we played some card games while the kiddos played and watched some new movies.  Fun was had by all, and Eligh was so worn out he didn't wake until 9 (another first).  Girls were up at the same time as always, though.  
  • Who is cooking Easter dinner for you?  
  • Since Cody is working today, we are staying here this year and invited two families over.  Six adults and eight children.  I'm cooking the bulk of the meal, and they are all bringing a few sides and desserts over.  The kids will have a massive egg hunt after dinner and I'm super excited for the kiddos. 

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  1. That's a lot of cooking and entertaining you did. I've only had Thanksgiving at my house once. Never again.


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