Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cute baby Saturday - Ear piercing

Kinsley has been asking for the past week to get her ears pierced.  I explained to her what happens when you get them pierced, but then also named everyone she knows who has their ears pierced as well.  My parental decision about the girls having their ears pierced was that it would always be their choice.  I didn't want to get them done as a baby, yes, I know that may be easier, but I also wanted them to have a choice.  So, Friday morning I took Kinsley with Eligh in tow to get her ears pierced after Addy went to school. 
Anxiously waiting 

A colorful flower with real gold - I know some kiddos can get irritated with certain metals, so I figured we would go for the good stuff.  I let her pick out the actual design, though.  

At home and feeling very accomplished. 

She of course cried when it pinched, but after seeing them in the mirror the tears stopped and she instantly asked, "Can we get my toy now?"  Of all the toys to choose from she chose a hula hoop.  

I am so very proud of her. 


  1. So sweet! Yea for pierced ears!

  2. Where did you go? How's it going? Tot wants hers done and I won't have it. I know I'll end up taking care of them.


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