Monday, April 2, 2012

What a non-stop Monday

Rundown of my Monday:

Eligh wakes up early.  I get him entertained reading on my Nook. 

Get ready.

Do a little research on the computer.

Girls wake up.

Get everyone dressed and teeth brushed and head down stairs.


Prepare cups and grapes for the twins to take for our walk.

Drop Addy off at school.

Push twins in stroller for 2.5 miles and was begged to run to any bridge we saw (four of them). 

Let twins play at a playground.

Go home to meet the cake lady to discuss Addy's birthday cake (9 more days...sigh)

Pick up Addy and her friend from school.

Prepare lunch for my three and Addy's friend.

Addy's friend's mom picks up friend. 

Addy steps on Kinsley's nose. 

All three take a nap. 

I scarf some lunch down and head outside and end up socializing with my neighbor while all our kids nap. 

Addy wakes up. 

Later her up in sunscreen and put on her suit so she can play in the little pool. 

Watch neighbor's 1 year old while she picks up some boys she babysits. 

Twins finally wake up from nap. 

Lather them up and put on their suits to join in on the water fun. 

Clean up outside.

Head inside and prep a quick dinner for kids. 

Cody comes home, I head to Zumba. 

Some how I also completed four loads of laundry. 

How was your Monday?

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