Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - ache

  • I swear medical issues are a constant topic in my life.  
  • I went in for my annoying back pain this week and left with some meds (not working at all) and a referral to the physical therapist which is another week+ away.  Sleeping hurts and I wake up with my arm/hand completely numb or tingling, but once awake and moving again that part goes away.  Solution - never go to sleep.  What do you think?
  • I have been pricing and getting ready for a yard sale and really hope we get some traffic as I have TONS of stuff (especially kid toys) to get rid of. 
  • Cody needs to replace pretty much everything inside the grill, so we went to price everything out and then debated buying a whole new grill since it was pretty much the same cost.  But, then, since I'm a woman I did some research and called the company directly and got some of the products completely free and also saved TONS buying directly from them vs. a store.  Men, they don't know squat. 
  • The kids missed Paws terribly when we returned from our overnight water park adventure Sunday.  I teased the twins by picking him up after we dropped Addy off at school just so we could drive a mile to get him groomed.  I didn't want to bring him home all nasty.  He's home, clean, and well loved.  
  • A side note to my neighbor.  It's 9 pm, your one year old is crying non-stop, hello----it's way past her bed time.  PUT HER TO BED and let the poor thing sleep!
  • I want a baby.  
  • I won't have another.  
  • I'm aching.  
Stop by Danifred, to spew your week's thoughts.  


  1. Awww..that ache is the worse. {{hugs}}

  2. Feeling that ache, too. Many hugs to you. (((Hugs)))

  3. I'm sorry you're aching. I can let you borrow a baby who gets up every three (two) hours if that will help.

  4. And I hope that didn't come across as insensitive. I really didn't mean it that way.


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