Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pondering - Swimming Passes

If my kids have enjoyed a swimming pool two days out of the past seven, does it mean it is going to be ridiculously hot this summer?  If so, we are doomed!

Speaking of swimming, do I buy a swimming pool season pass? 

Last year it was free to go to any pool on base, but with budget cuts, we now have to pay.  It's $10 more on base, than if we use the one off base.  On base there are two pools we can use, one that is less than a minute away.  The one off base has more for the kids to do, and less work for mommy and daddy as far as watching them.  It will probably take 10 minutes with traffic to get there, so not long at all.   

How hard is it to take three children five and under to a public swimming pool/water park on your own?  If Cody is working like he is now, he may never go to the pool with us.  Last year, we always went together as his schedule was very relaxed. 

Or do I just pay as we go to the pool and skip the passes all together? 

Stupid budget cuts making me ponder such silliness.  $0 to $75 is a BIG difference on this one income family, though, and takes some thinking. 

Do you all have to pay for swimming passes?  If you have a pool in your backyard I don't want to hear from you, as we won't have that option for ooohh....ten more years. 


  1. We don't have a pool nearby (well there are country club pools but those are $750 a summer!!!). I struggle with this on the passes for the local beach. It's a lake, with a small beach and a lifeguard, but it's $50 a year. If I don't buy the pass, it's $10 a time. We only really go on the weekends, and in the summer, we go away on a bunch of weekends. Sigh. So that us no answer except to say I know what you are going through.

    I can do 2 kids no problems alone at the pool - but a third? Dunno.

  2. I'm going to look at this as the same as my zoo and science museum passes and say "Do it!" If you are a member you will go much more often. You will meet others and make plans to go. Perhaps, you can also get discounted lessons being members.

  3. We pay for a pool membership because I found that if I had to pay for each visit I'd either never go or feel obligated to stay longer than either they (or I) wanted to.


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