Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prepping for back to school

  • Back packs for the twins have been purchased
  • Supplies are ready
  • Meeting for the twins accomplished
  • Meet the teacher night tonight and  tomorrow
  • New tennis shoes for the twins purchased
  • First day of school outfits ready to be worn
  • Trial run of bed times and early wake ups has begun
  • Five more days to go 

Have your littles started school?  How did you prep?  Are you prepping?  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Struggling with big decisions

Life is sooooo dang complicated.....and I just do NOT like making big decisions.

I have been approached about looking into becoming a personal trainer as well as teaching a group fitness class.  At first I was debating back and forth for weeks until I finally decided, yes, this makes sense.  We are military and move frequently and have another 10+ years of doing this.  Teaching in various states is not an easy task, because....

  1. I have to check certification in each state
  2. May have to shell out some money to take a certification test
  3. Study for the test
  4. Hopefully pass the test
  5. Research and study new curriculum (it's been many years since I have been in the classroom)
  6. Then, start searching for jobs
  7. We don't always know how long we will be in one state
  8. Line up before and after school care in an area I do NOT know 
No matter where we move, there will always be a gym(s) on the base and off the base.  Always.  Job opportunity is there, hours could be based around kids' schedules, and in a sense still teaching.  Now, though I'm back to arguing, mostly because I hit the chapter on anatomy and it is completely out of my realm.  I am doubting myself and my ability.  I don't feel like I look the part enough.  I don't have ripped muscles and I surely don't have abs.  I feel like at age 30 I should not be starting all over.  I should not be starting a new career at this age.  I will have so much ground to make up because I am just starting down the fitness path, when most have been doing it at this age for 10 years.  What I do know, though, is...
  1. I am loving fitness
  2. I yearn to help others reach their goals, discover their abilities, and find happiness

Teaching online is also something I still want to do no matter which direction I go, but I am not having any luck finding a job (well, I also haven't been looking in a while - being completely honest) and I know it would be ideal, because I could take it with me when we moved and would still give me the freedom of being there for the kiddos before and after school (which is something I want to do).  

I am feeling lost, overwhelmed, and mostly confused.  I want to do what is right for my family, and I don't know what that is.  The twins are starting half day prek this year, so next year is THE year I need to be doing something.  So, this year I need to start researching and studying something so I can be ready for next year.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Month long absence

Wow, I didn't realize it has been a month+ since my last post.  Life has changed. update of sorts

  • Fitness trainer moved out of state
  • Family friends moved out of state
  • Lost over 40+ pounds since December
  • No longer reaching to get back into the classroom
  • Addy has lost 3 teeth
  • Spent a couple weeks in Illinois visiting family
  • Baseball season ended
  • Loads of swimming
  • First family camping trip
  • First family trip to a baseball game - GO WHITE SOX
  • Twins got accepted into the PreK program Addy went to (half day, in the afternoons)
  • I have been assisting with teaching once a week a group fitness class
  • I am truly happy, inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic about life
  • I am now studying and changing my goals....and for once I do NOT feel guilty about the decision
  • I completed another 10K race
  • Kids stayed four nights alone with grandma and grandpa while daddy and I had some alone time
  • Passport pictures have been taken
  • Next month we "should" know where we will be living this spring
I am possibly changing the perspective of my blog.....thinking, thinking, thinking.  

Miss you all!