Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekend before the packers

This has been an insane week....of course the week before the packers come all of this had to happen.

  • Addyson got a fever Tuesday morning, called the doctor (only because we had been exposed to someone who was hospitalized with the flu the week before), sure enough she tested positive for flu A.  Addyson and the twins were given tamiflu (last day of this medication today).  
  • So, Addyson was home Tuesday and Wednesday from school.  
  • Kinsley's school nurse called Wednesday telling me she was sent to her office twice for coughing (she had been coughing since Sunday - all we could do was give her the rescue inhaler, and she did not have a fever any of these days), so I picked her up from school.  
  • Thursday Kinsley had a pulmonologist appointment two hours away, which took up my entire day.  This was also the girls' last dance class, so it was imperative that I get home in time (I was ten minutes late - I tried).  
  • Yesterday, Kinsley had an appointment near the end of the day with her regular pediatrician.  

I spent pockets of time organizing and sorting for the packers, but this weekend is the last chance.  We have the downstairs part of the house to complete to include:  living room, kitchen, and toy room.

It will get done, it will get done, it will get done....