Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It clicked

Addyson has been coming home with little books for many months.  She keeps them in a little  box next to her bed and we read at least one a night besides the story daddy or I have to read each night.

In the past three weeks, the teacher has been sending home a book based on Addyson's reading level to be read by her to three different people each night.  She has been doing great and even increasing her level a few times.  

Addyson has always been one to follow directions and typically does her work without any complaints.  But, when I ask her to do something that appears harder than she thinks she can handle or if she is tired (but oh, she will not admit this) she will do the bare minimum.  I, though, know she can do a little bit more and have been slowly challenging her without letting her see it as a challenge.

To help add to the challenge, I have been purchasing a couple books she can read with little to no assistance to encourage her to read on her own.

FINALLY, last week (before the sick kicked in), Addyson started asking to read not only her required book each evening but sometimes up to three different books.  At first, Cody tried to stop her from reading declaring it was too late, but I not only allowed it, but encouraged her.  Sure she was staying up a little later, but she was READING.  How can I stop her from reading?  I could NOT.  And, last week she declared at bed time, "Mommy, I LOVE reading!"  Oh how my heart smiled.


  1. That is truly a special and great thing!

  2. What an exciting time! I hope at least one of mine end up loving to read.


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