Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Senses - Just the Girls

Sight - Just the girls sliding on their ramps and dancing in circles while the boys are out getting a haircut (well Eligh, since daddy doesn't have any hair, but someone had to drive him, huh?) 
Sound - "Life is a Highway" from "Cars."  Girls are insistent on listening to music while playing in the toy room.
Touch - Just had to pick up all the girls' beads
Taste - I have cotton mouth,
Smell - Coconut Palm from my Army Scentsy warmer that's on top of the computer desk.  Makes me yearn for warmer weather.  (P.S. most items are 10% for this month only)

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  1. I'm sure Eligh would have been happy to drive himself ;) I forgot to check out the Scentsy stuff the other day (oops!) but I'm doing it after I post this comment.

  2. Catching up...

    --Love the "sense" post idea, and will join in one of these days.

    --Cute pics of the kiddos.

    --Glad you are settling into a new routine and that Cody's work hours are great for family time.

  3. I swear, I get that Life is a Highway song stuck in my head for days if I hear it. It will always make me think of Cars now.


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