Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If you drive there, it will happen

I have commented before to many of you how jealous I am of those who have had a real snowstorm.  In Missouri, we have an inch or two, but mostly ice has covered the roads.  Nothing to take the kids out to see and play in, nothing. 

We had made plans to drive to Illinois on Tuesday for the week to celebrate Cody's upcoming 30th birthday along with the Superbowl.  We bumped it up at the last minute because we knew we were going to be getting bad weather in both Missouri and Illinois, and thankfully we did. 

Monday afternoon when we finally got situated and out the door we encountered rain for 6 straight hours.  Rain that turned to ice, and required us to stop four additional times to de-ice the wiper blades and the windshield, because the defroster could not keep up.  Then there was a stretch of pure ice covering the roads, which as a passenger who loves having control, I could not handle.  I was gripping the side door handle and clenching my jaw bracing to end up in a ditch.  It sucked, to say the least. 

But, we arrived in a little over 6 hours at our final destination, and yesterday we encountered the blizzard I had been wanting.  We are stuck in the house today because the winds prevent the plows from keeping up with the drifts, making the roads impossible to drive. 

Tomorrow, I do have plans for a much needed cut, color, and highlight and hopefully my little treat for myself will be possible. 


  1. I so did not enjoy the two days of ice this week.

  2. I love a good storm and I'm bummed that this one missed us as well!

  3. There will be plenty of snow for the kids ;) I hope you are able to get out and go to your hair appointment!

  4. Ugh...sorry you had to drive through that. I am the one gripping the door too...Husband hates it!

    Hope you can get out for your grooming!


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