Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Flying Poop

  • Stupid, stupid Greenbay won Sunday.  This means that my husband will spend the next year+ gloating and rubbing it in my face.
  • We were welcomed back to Missouri with inches of snow atop of ice.  

  • Snow I do not mind, ice, though - yuck, yuck, yuck.
  • Our family could be saving $60+ a month on groceries if the twins were potty trained.  Anyone want to volunteer their services?  
  • Cody officially signed into his unit yesterday, and will now be an instructor, which means more normal hours than the past 7 years have been. 
  • I'm really liking being home with my kids all day, preparing dinner without the stress of children screaming because they haven't seen me all day, and so much more.  BUT, I feel out of place with those that surround me.  
  • I went to school, worked, and had three babies while others stayed home.  Now, I'm the one staying home and everyone else is working.  Don't know where I fit these days.
  • Kinsley woke up crying that her tummy hurt, and collapsed as soon as she stood up this morning.  It is NOT her tummy, but something with her left leg.  She is favoring it and limping, and needs assistance walking when carrying objects.  
  • Today, flying poop from a diaper change landed upon Eligh's lip.  He told daddy during lunch that he had "Yuck" on his lips.  
  • Rebecca was discussing how she has so much winter gear for her children that she just doesn't know where to put it.  So, I'm going to show her my solution to all the boots and it could also be used for snow pants, hats, gloves.  I have two of these
This one sits in our front closet and holds 3 pairs of rain boots, 3 pairs of everyday wear boots, and an occasional pair of Crocs or two.  
We have another bucket (it's blue) that sits out in the garage with all the snow boots.  
  • In the summer we will pack up the snow boots and stuff it full of Crocs, sandals, and a pair of play shoes.  
  • I believe they were $5 at that store so many of us visit for both groceries and other such items.  And, I know I saw them out in the lawn center a couple weeks ago.  
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  1. I am so happy for you and your stay at home status. The kids and school will most definitely keep you plenty busy, I'm sure!
    We have a shoe rack (the plastic kind with pockets) on the back of our laundry room door with mittens, hats, etc. as a storage solution.

  2. That is a good idea with the buckets. I may have to find something like that.

    I know what you mean about fitting in. I have friends that are SAHMs but none are close by, and all of my really close friends all work.

    I hope Kinsley's leg is okay!

  3. You'll figure out your least that's what everyone tells me.

    Love the buckets...thank you and I'm going to look for them.


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