Monday, March 26, 2012

Our little secret

Addy has always been needier than the twins when it comes to sleeping.  When Cody was deployed the last time, I let her crawl into my bed during storms versus forcing her back to her room.  I know, I know it was the wrong decision. 

If it storms now, she will come announce that it is storming with tears.  Depending on the extent of the storm we can simply leave her door cracked and she stays put.  Crazier storms she sleeps on the floor next to my bed. 

Every single day of the week she asks if I will stay upstairs when she heads to bed, even though I tell her I won't be up until later.  We compromise with keeping the hallway light on until daddy and I head to bed. 

There are some random early mornings (5 am) where she whines about something and since daddy is already on his way to work I let her crawl into bed with me.  It's our little secret.  

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  1. I think their is one in every family. We have a little secret snuggler as well.


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