Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - tornado edition

  • One child vomited for eight hours straight out of no where.  No other symptoms, not food poisoning as we all ate the same thing. 
  • Same child complained all week that her chest hurt, and would not eat every meal.  
  • Nurse told me to go to ER, I did and it was a waste.  This child is acting normal again, except for an annoying cough (oh wait, that has been going on for a year now).  
  • One other child is now coughing and has a low fever.  
  • Twins are signed up for t-ball and it starts next week.  This will be interesting. 
  • We had the wonderful pleasure of waking up three kiddos at midnight to hide out in our "tornado" closet.  All three kiddos have asked every day if it is going to be a tornado again and if we are going to have to go in the closet again.  I have a feeling this is going to be a bad storm season.  
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  1. How long does the storm season last? It would drive me out of my mind!

    That sucks about the cough...I hate lingering coughs.

  2. So sorry you're dealing with so much sick!

    Those tornadoes were just crazy last week- glad you guys are okay.


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