Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - here, there, everywhere

  • This has been a very busy week.  
  • Addy's best friend had her fifth birthday, which means Addy's is just around the corner.  I keep asking her what she wants and she responds, "Just surprise me, mom."  Not at all helpful.  
  • The twins started t-ball = HYSTERICAL
  • I spent way too many nights up late and suffered the following day from it with migraines.  
  • The kids had a dentist appointment this week.  Addy was spazzing and asking questions all week long, in the waiting room, and in the exam room.  She was perfectly fine.  Kinsley cried the entire time her teeth were being cleaned.  All three declared they never want to go back to the dentist again.  (They have all been going since they turned two, so this is nothing new)
  • Addy's spring break  I'm excited that not only will she be off of school but we are supposed to have some warmer weather.  
  • I was up most of the night dealing with Addy complaining of her ear hurting, but this morning she declared it only hurt a little, and now it doesn't hurt at all.  What the heck?
  • I received my first B in one of my classes and I'm pissed and have been the entire six weeks of the course.  Teacher sucked, and my evaluation ripped her a new one.  I know a handful of other students in the class felt the same way and were also going to evaluate her in the same manner. 
  • Kids are in for a BIG surprise tomorrow.  
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  1. I would love a t-ball video!

    So sorry that K had such a hard time at the dentist. I'm thinking that Bean will be the same the next time we go- I can just feel it.

    Ohhhhh, I can't wait to read about the surprise!


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