Monday, January 9, 2012

Appointment gone wrong

The twins had follow up appointments this afternoon regarding Kinsley's newest meds and Eligh's allergy testing.  I had to bring all three kids to the appointment, which I knew going in could easily end in stress. 

It was not Addyson who caused the stress and extra sweating from managing the poor behaviors while still trying to talk to the doctor.  Addyson colored from her book or read some books and stayed in her seat 90% of the time.  Great. 

It was this little one that caused mommy to work extra hard:

He was worse than bad, he was HORRIBLE. 

He was antagonizing the girls, flopping on the floor, pushing the stroller, spitting his tongue out, trying to wipe boogers on his sisters, arguing with me (how old is he again?), running around, and being down right sassy.  I was so.very.mad/disappointed in his behavior.  So mad. 

The good:
  • Eligh is not at risk for any of the common allergies and we are doing everything we are supposed to, to help him gain weight.  
  • Kinsley was content playing on her LeapPad and follow directions.  
The  rest:
  • Since there was absolutely no change in Kinsley's never-ending cough, the reflux has been ruled out and we are back on some asthma meds.  This entails a chewable pill once a day, an inhaler twice a day, and a different inhaler for activity.  We go back in a month to assess.  
  • Eligh is not allergic to anything, so we can keep his diet as is.  
  • Yesterday, Eligh poked his right eye with his place mat (how, I do not even know), and his eye was red all day yesterday and today.  Doctor checked it, no damage, so we are good.  But, as he did the rest of his vitals, he found that Eligh had an ear infection.  Huh?  Hasn't had a fever in a week, no complaints, etc.  Back in a month for him as well.  
Curious - how do you all handle bad behavior when in similar situations?  


  1. Curl up in a ball and wish for a quick death?! Ha, I don't know. It kind of depends. Last week when we tried to leave the library, Samara had a fight...rolling on the floor, piercing screams, the whole 9 yards. I just hoisted her up, avoided eye contact and got the heck out of there. If I need to stay somewhere (like you, waiting for the doctor), it's tough because they know you're not going to leave.

  2. I refuse to believe my sweet boy was bad :) I don't know how to handle the behavior because he and Bean could make us both batty.


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