Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Review

Stealing this from Rebecca
  • Moved twice, yes, twice in one year
  • Moved the twins to twin beds (easier than thought)
  • Landed poop on my leg (learned my lesson)
  • Left the twins home with dad for a weekend
  • Visited a chiropractor 
  • Started my masters degree
  • Purchased a treadmill
  • All the kiddos visited the eye doctor
  • Kinsley had her first hair cut
  • Tried and enjoyed Zumba
  • Potty trained the twins, as in no diapers ever 
  • Addy turned four
  • A princess tea party show with Addy
  • Purchased a Nook 
  • Went to more than one movie by myself 
  • Addy tried out t-ball 
  • Finally said good bye to blonde hair
  • Witnessed Cody as acting color guard
  • Took all three kiddos to the movies
  • Visited an indoor water park 
  • Let Addy stay with the grandparents for a long five days
  • Kinsley graduated to a 12 inch bike
  • Kiddos fished for the first time 
  • Addy jumps into pools (with a vest) and holds her nose
  • Addy started prek
  • Twins turned three
  • We purchased fish
  • Addy started dance
  • Kinsley started and stopped dance class 
  • Became an auntie for the sixth time
  • Had a mole removed (benign)
  • Welcomed Paws to the family
  • Eligh played basketball
  • Received my first filling 
  • Field trip to the pumpkin farm with Addy
  • Decorated a gingerbread house
Overall this year was much better than past years, especially having my family together for the entire year.  It really doesn't get better than that, does it?  

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  1. I still haven't done a list of firsts- just thinking about trying to figure it out makes my head hurt (either that or I'm too lazy).


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