Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Truthful Tuesday - not enough sticky notes for this one

I have researched, called, and inquired since we moved here in February about possible PreK programs for Addy.  Yes, her name came up on the wait list a month ago and I folded and said this fall would be best.

Our options are the following:

  • Part day, couple days a week on post = $98 to $150 a month depending on how many days a week
  • A couple other part days and some full days for well over $200 a month
  • County offers a free service, but you have to be screened and qualify
On post does not have a set date for when they are registering for the fall just a first come basis and the others are out of my price range and or more of a daycare which we don't need.  I inquired about the screening and went ahead and gave it a try.  

They tested Addy on several things ranging from standing on one foot unassisted to writing and knowing her full name giving her a developmental age rating for each item.  She was at a four year old all the way to a six year old level in fourteen areas (identifies letters, colors, counts, shapes, skips, etc).  On the downside she received the rating of a two year old and a three year old for eight different things.  She has never used scissors, besides playing with a vanity, nor does she know her last name or how to write her name at this point.  Add in that she just turned four a month ago, she of course would not be at a four year old level or above in every single area.  I do not know how many children were allowed into the program nor how many children were screened.  On the day and time Addy was screened there was only a couple of other children there and the parents all wanted their children to be chosen for the program, not because they were concerned, but because they wanted their child to be in some sort of educational program without having to pay their right arm to do so.  

The phone call came yesterday with our answer. Addy was selected and will be starting this fall.  

It has left me feeling uneasy and jittery.....  

I feel as if I have not done enough for Addy educationally.  I should have been doing more crafts, more structured learning, simply more.     

And of course I am already dreading dropping her off for her first day of school this fall.  I am not ready for her to be leaving me, I am just not.



  1. There is no screening for pre-k down here. It's just free for everyone who registers early enough.
    Do NOT NOT NOT feel bad or as if you have not done enough for A's education. Younger children experience a huge range of developmental levels, and A will, no doubt, learn to use scissors and to write her name without difficulty. I STRESSED over making sure to teach Lauren EVERYTHING before she started school, and you know what an emotional roller coaster that has been for us. I was much more laid back with Allison, and figured I would leave it to the professionals, and she seems to be much more emotionally balanced where school is concerned.
    A is a smart cookie, and she will turn out just fine, regardless of you not drilling her with scissors instead of allowing her to pretend play.
    You are a GREAT mom!

  2. Addy is doing great and still has plenty of time to learn all of those things before she starts kindergarten. You're a mom of 3 very small children and it is impossible for you to prepare her in very way! Please do not beat yourself up about this.

    As you know, Bo went to a Catholic preschool this spring on MWF afternoons. He adored it! He learned so much and loved his teacher and his friends. He is really going to miss it this summer. I was nervous at first but he was so into it that it made it easy to love it.

    Bo will be old enough for our free program in the fall and I have started that process but he has not been screened yet. It is 5 days a week. I signed up for the Catholic school again, just in case, but he has many friends who go to the public school too. We'll see

  3. Wow, I don't know of any pre schools around here that are free! All my friends have/had to pay. That's awesome!

    Good for Addy for getting in. :-) I'm sure she will do JUST fine and whatever she doesn't know how to do, she'll learn. So don't worry! :-)

    P.S. My blogger is not working right today. This is April from Thoughts in my Tumultous Brain. http://smitty76.blogspot.com/

  4. I'm quickly de-lurking (I've been reading your blog for about a year now...)because it kills me that you feel this amount of guilt. I'm a child development graduate student and work in our departments preschool. I've spent the past 4 years of my life as a preschool teacher to 4 & 5 year olds.. and it's not uncommon for 4 year olds to not know their full name or be able to write their name!!! It's something that they learn around this age and some children (especially if they have older siblings) begin writing sooner than than other children. In my experience, the more you try to "force" children to write, the more they will refuse. If you feel like you need to introduce writing at home and have Addy practice her name, make it a fun experience. For instance, have her sign a birthday or thank you card. Let her make a sign for her closet, or her room door. Have her help you with the grocery list. ...
    **returning to lurkdom, but please don't think that you haven't done enough. It sounds to me that she's a perfectly normal 4 year old!!!**


  5. Don't beat yourself up over this. I honestly don't believe I could have ever taught Tot all that she needs to know? Why? Because she won't listen and doesn't want to hear it from me. She will be fine. They all will. She'll have a blast and totally blossom at the same time!

  6. omg...when the doctor was handing out those surveys about autism, i felt the same way. they hadn't even picked up a crayon and i felt like a failure. sometimes it's good to rely on other people to teach our kids something. for instance, i am not a finger paint type of girl, but they let them do it in preschool with guidelines that i wouldn't have considered. i think you're going to be more than happy with the program. now stop blaming yourself...we can't do it all and you had quite the unique situation!


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