Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - These sisters have a special bond

I love them.


  1. Catching up...

    -LOVE your pics of your sweet girls...wonderful to see how close-knit they are!

    -I don't think there is anything wrong with being frugal...and I don't consider you "cheap!" Saving money is SMART! :)

    -You go with your 5K goal...awesome! How has your foot been doing?? You described it as "gimp." Is it still hurting lots?

    -Addy's "handle it" post cracks me up.

  2. How lovely! They will be the best of friends, and the worst of friends ;-)

    Good luck with a 5k, if you find one. You know what you are capable of!

    Addy is such a good little mommy :-)

    Sorry I've been MIA. Trying to get caught up some!

  3. See- they do love each other :)
    I sometimes wonder if my girls hate each other because they fight so much.
    But then, they will do something so sweet that I have no doubt they love each other very much.

  4. Nothing like a sister. I love the bond my girls share!


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