Monday, May 23, 2011

We don't need naps

On a whim, we all headed two hours away to stay the night at an indoor water park Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning involved the following:  breakfast, coffee, a simple conversation, some browsing, phone calls and a few minutes later Cody and I were finishing our homework and packing to head out of town with the monkeys. 

We swam, we ate BBQ, drove around to look at the sights, enjoyed some frozen custard, I tried on 15+ swim suits (as mine started shredding after our earlier swimming), went back to the hotel to swim some more, stayed up way too late, woke up, swam some more, checked out, and rode "The Ducks," grabbed a late lunch, and headed back home.

So many moments and pictures to share but one of my favorites occurred on our drive home.
Addy:  "Mommy, no naps today, right?"
Mommy:  "Right, no naps today."
Addy:  "We don't need naps, because today is such a fun day!!!!"

Sometimes the best moments are unplanned.  


  1. Those are the best trips! Glad you guys had fun... And no naps!

  2. Sounds busy but so much fun!! The peapod has been getting away from napping lately. I didn't expect that to happen until she was much older!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous trip. Allison will say "YAY, it's a special day" when we are busy and she doesn't have to take a nap.

  4. Our girls love "no nap fun days" I think they think it's cheating.


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