Thursday, May 5, 2011

A question with an answer

Our driveway is a steep hill (as in we have to put our parking brakes every time we park the vehicles).  When we play outside with the children, they do most of their playing in the 2+ car garage, because it is the only part that is flat.  For some reason, they find it amusing to see how scared and worried they can make us all.the.time.  They enjoy running up the steep driveway and sprinting back down and the girls enjoy doing this in the best of shoes, flip-flops. 

Yesterday, Addy was running and running and finally daddy had, had enough worrying.

Daddy:  "Addyson, how many times do I have to tell you to stop running up and down the driveway?"
Addy:  Shows two fingers with a smile. 


  1. Bahahahahahaaaaa...we have a driveway like that too and it makes me NUTS!

  2. too funny she reminds me of my daughter


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