Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Silver lining

With all the crap that has happened, there is a silver lining to this move.

I can purge, purge, purge!  I have 5+ totes/boxes that are going to be yard saled or given away.  The kids have not even touched all the crap toys they have been given, especially the overload that their grandparents supplied them with.  They have way too much stuff and are completely overwhelmed with it all.

In three months Addy will have another birthday and at this point, she is getting absolutely nothing.  She simply has too much stuff and doesn't need or possibly want anything else.

Ok, and one more thing, I have three kidlets sleeping in big beds and they have not tried escaping their beds what so ever.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the toys your children received?  I suggest moving.


  1. You have them in big beds? I'm so jealous!

    I used to move once a year and it was awesome in terms of purging.

    Favorite line: she is getting absolutely nothing

  2. I wish we lived closer. I would love to take some of your extra stuff off of your hands. Miss you guys.
    By the way...I hate moving. I'm glad you can see it as a positive

  3. Sometimes I tell my husband we need to move so that we can purge. This is the longest we've ever lived anywhere and we have a TON of crap.


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