Monday, January 24, 2011

Bitter and disgusted

Yesterday's game was HORRIBLE!!!!  Bears' fans all over the the country are also disgusted.  Not only did they lose their chance at going to the Superbowl, but they lost to the number 1 team they hate the MOST.  What an absolute disgrace!

I will have to suffer through the Superbowl watching the enemy play, and hopefully they will lose so I can feel some sort of victory. 

We are attempting for the 8th time to potty train Kinsley, and we are failing.  She is wearing panties, and asking to go on the potty, and will sit on the potty 53 times a day to produce absolutely nothing.  She even spent an hour last night in her bed crying to use the potty, which we let her three times and again nothing happened.  She has 2-4 accidents a day, and that's it.  The most recent accident happened in the bathroom, so is that a step closer?  I'm so over it, and if by the weekend she does not do ANYthing, I'm going to stick her back in the diapers, because I don't have it in me to keep this up.  Eligh is not at all ready or interested, which is fine by me, and I hope that he just does it on his own before the age of 4 and I can forget this awful stage of their growing up. 

An answer to one question:  Where is the best place you have geographically lived?

  • I have lived in three different states (Illinois, Georgia, and Missouri) now, and in seven different "homes."  Putting aside family and friends, I would say that where we lived in Georgia was the best geographically.  There was loads to do within two hours, and most being an hour or less.  There were beaches, flat lands, and decent weather.  I did NOT like the heat or humidity, and that is something I can't live with forever.  I cannot form a solid opinion about Missouri, just yet, as we have been here for only a month, but I don't foresee it being a place I would rank higher than Georgia.  With all the moving I have done, I have learned that it doesn't matter where you live or how far you are from people and places you know.  As long as you have a positive attitude and an openness to trying something new, happiness can be made everywhere.


  1. Yesterdays game was UGLY! Actually both games were.

    I have not done potty training, so I have no tips or advice. Good luck!

  2. Potty training scares me. I should put that on a t-shirt b/c it's seriously the way I feel.

    Laugh if you want, but I loved living at the Jersey Shore. I didn't live in one of the guido towns, but my own little corner of paradise...5 houses from the ocean. Loved it!

  3. It was a pretty awful game.

    Exactly how old is K? Is it getting any better?


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