Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craft explosions

A friend of mine recently asked me what I do with the kids all day, as far as entertainment (besides feeding, cleaning up after them, barking orders, wiping booties, filling cups, etc).  Maybe, just maybe, some of you may be interested as well.  This post would be a million times better if I could actually upload some pictures for my visual learners, but I'm waiting on a cord to be shipped for me to do so.  You know, with that fancy camera I got for Christmas and recently took out of the box.

The house we are renting lacks closet space, but I made do with using a storage closet organizer I had previously stored my books in, and used all 6 shelves to hold the kids' activities (you know the ones they CANNOT use without adult supervision).  This cabinet is full and exploding with kids' activities. 

Enough with the rambling, and a list of the activities:
  • Sticker cling books - these are great.  The stickers are meant to be used over and over again, which the girls, more so than Eligh, use all day long. 
  • Coloring books - crayons only.  Markers = messy fingers and possibly anything else in their reach
  • ColorWonders - I have a HUGE bag full of markers, and a small pile of books that haven't been completely colored from front to back.  I wish they would make more books that you can buy without the markers.
  • Puzzles - from basic wood ones that hold 5+ pieces to 3 ft floor puzzles.  Floor puzzles also make for a great stage for dancing (at least this is what Addyson thinks).
  • Games - Mr. Mouth, Gone Fishing, Uno Moo, Pretty Pretty Princess, EleFun (most are played with mommy, daddy, and Addy - Eligh and Kinsley just don't have the patience or skills to handle some of these yet)
  • Play - doh - probably the kids' favorite, but not mine.  Eligh wants everyone to do everything for him and since his daddy and grandpa made him trains, cars, and planes he expects this all of the time.  This mommy is not going to do it.
  • Magnetic books - these come in a carrying case and many different characters.  I love anything that has it's own storage. 
  • Dress up - even Eligh has a trunk with a couple outfits
  • Beads to make jewelry - I like the really big ones that snap together.  Grandma bought Addy a kit that you put on a plastic stencil and iron afterwards - that thing is staying on the very top shelf out of sight
  • At night, when Addyson gets her one-on-one time, we sometimes do little pre-school books.  I found two recently that use erasable markers
I am not brave or willing, though, to do the following activities:
  • Painting
  • Anything involving scissors
  • Glitter - we have enough glitter floating around the house from the girls' dress up clothes

What are some of your kids' favorite activities (besides yelling, fighting, whining, pushing, and shoving)? 


  1. I love this post. Tons of great ideas!

    I've purchased some of the plain Color Wonder paper and Bo seems to have fun with it as well.

  2. What great ideas! I'll be using some if these in the future.

    My little one doesn't sit long enough to even read a book, but she does love the Crayola Color Wonder stuff!

  3. Glitter...I hate glitter. We do all of these things too, but I still need to get out at least once a day!

    I wish I had invented Color Wonder...I'd be so rich!!!!

  4. My kids both love to play "school" and to play with their dolls. They love crafts as well, and I am a big fan of anything color wonder. Lauren also really likes to play anything electronic (computer, Wii, DSi, Ipod, etc.). Allison's favorite, by far, is legos. She has about a million legos!


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