Monday, September 12, 2011

An interview with a 3 year old Kinsley

Favorite food.....PIZZZAAAAA
Favorite color.....Pink, I like purple
Favorite person....Addyson and momma  
Worst food.....ummmm...hmmm...peanut butter jelly (this one took some prompting)
Scared of.....The ghosts, the dark, and THE THUNDER (not sure where the ghosts came from)
Where do you want to live when you grow up? school.  I want you (mommy) to come with me. 
What is your favorite animal?     Zebra and giraffe
Do you know any funny jokes?   Burrrp (yes, she pretended to burp and started laughing hysterically)
What happens when you get bigger?  Ummmmm
If you could make dinner for your family what would you like to make?     PIZZZAAAAA
What is your favorite toy?     Tagga Reader (she just received this yesterday from mommy and daddy)
Could I see a picture of you playing with it? (This is a picture of her opening the Tag Reader which shows her excitement.  She plays with this all day long and is allowed to bring it to bed (not nap).  I do have a picture of her actually using it, but I'm too lazy to upload it from the camera - sorry)
*Stay tuned for tomorrow's interview with Eligh.*


  1. I love her answers. Tell her that's the best joke I ever heard!

  2. So cute...that first picture melts me.

    Love that she thinks flatulence is is.


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