Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - benign

  • This week simply whizzed by for no apparent reason.  
  • Addy still loves school and I am so grateful for this (I was a total school dork and loved going, too).
  • I can't believe the twins are three!  
  • Part of this week I spent going through fall clothes and Addy is definitely out of all 4's and Kinsley is getting a whole new wardrobe from her.  
  • With the purging of clothes, I sold quite a bit this week along with a Tag Jr. set.  
  • I'm going through my head all the other toys I am going to try and sell that the kids do not play with or have outgrown.  
  • We got a letter for Addy's first field trip which is to a pumpkin patch next month.  Awesome!
  • I have to fork out money for the above as well as Addy's dance costume (which they are going to wear at Xmas and in May - at least I only have to pay once).
  • I let the trio skip naps today and let them play for a couple hours at an indoor playground.  
  • Get home and Kinsley looks miserable - fever.  FML. 
  • I really want a puppy, a little puppy that stays little.  But, it's not happening. 
  • I don't know what to do about our house in GA.  It's time to make a decision and I'm scared to gamble.  
  • Addy has been talking quite a bit about B (boy in her class) and all the bad things he does.  
  • I saw the boy and his mom last night at our once a month parent/teacher/child night.  He just looks mean.  
  • I ran at home a couple days this week and didn't die.  
  • Why does Eligh walk around grabbing himself half the day?  His response, "Sorry." or "I need to."
  • My brother and sil had their fourth and final baby today (a girl).  I don't get to see her until Thanksgiving.  Not cool.
  • Finally, the mole I had removed is benign.  
You must stop by Danifred, our host, and find out the sex of the baby.  You MUST!  I know I'm super excited. 


  1. Funny, today I was at the park with K and there were a few Mom's of boys that were around the age of 3 standing around talking about how all of their boy's run around all day holding their junk.

    I am so glad your results were benign. Never an easy wait~

  2. I've started doing the summer to fall clothing change over here. It is SO much work. I can't believe I'm getting ready to add another to the mix. The good news is that we are getting rid of a TON of girls stuff.

  3. I'm glad you didn't die by running.

    Oh wait...there's my 15 year old said "whizzed."


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