Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - appointment week

  • Busy, busy week.  
  • Basketball practice, two different dance practices, my appointment, twins' appointment, and Paws goes in tomorrow.  
  • Monday started out with us getting Paws.  
  • He has pooped in the house once, whined for 10 mins the first night in his kennel, plays great with the kiddos, but does NOT like the vacuum. 
  • Yesterday I had a two and a half hour appointment with the headache doc.  We have a new treatment plan which includes me changing my entire diet and treating insulin resistance, two supplements, one prevention pill, and back up pain management.  
  • It was shocking but a lightbulb moment at the same time.  More to come on this subject.  
  • Twins had their 3 year appointment today.  Kinsley is 34 pounds and 38 1/8 inch tall (75th for weight and 97th for height).  Eligh is 28 pounds and 38 inches tall (10% for weight and 63/8th for height).  We need to try beefing him up with some weightgainer2000 (hubby's name for the shake).
  • I successfully pissed them all off when we (except hubby, he had to work and all) got our flu shots.  Guesses on who handled this the worst?  
  • Tomorrow Paws is going in for a visit and a much-needed grooming and Addy and I may have a play date with the only other girl in her class.  
  • If anyone is bored, feel free to stop by our house and clean the bathrooms, please.  I didn't have a chance this week to get them cleaned.  
  • Or, you could write a 1000+ word essay for me.  
Check our fabulous hostess, Danifred, to see what others are bringing to the table tonight.  

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  1. I don't do bathrooms, but I'm still on a cleaning/ organizing frenzy, so I'll be right over.

    Tell Eligh that I'm going to put some protein powder in his peanut butter and jelly time so he can bulk up :)


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