Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers (Have I lost my mind edition)

  • I did not do any play dates or outdoor activities with the kiddos this week.  I suck. 
  • Kinsley started dance and I'm more than annoyed.  The studio is not set up, the parents are kicked out with no where to go for 30 minutes.  But, the door will be open, which meant little girls were running in and out non-stop.  I sat in the van with Eligh and let him watch a movie.  What will we do in the winter?  
  • A mom at the dance studio where Addy goes might take her twin girls out, which would bump up two spots on the waiting list.  I will switch Kinsley if an opening occurs.  
  • With this warmer weather and moving around of clothes, I just realized Eligh only has tennis shoes for the warmer weather.  His boots he wore with clothes, are at least one size too small.  New shoes are in our future. 
  • I have sold most of the kids clothes I plan to sell, and am moving on to toys.
  • On a whim, I put up some ads to do some part time babysitting or tutoring yesterday.  Today, I may have booked some tutoring in October.  There is a certain someone I am going to be looking to for some pointers.  
  • Today I used my carpet cleaner to scrub the couch and then washed all the pillows.  It looks so much better.  
  • Today was the first day that Addy and I did not fight this morning in the past 3 days.  It was simply wonderful. 
  • Cody is working regularly, which has been an adjustment from his hit or miss working schedule.  
  • Every day at nap, when I get ready to leave Kinsley's room she says, "I want my daddy."  I remind her he is at work and to sleep she goes.  
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  1. Stopping by from FNL...

    ...and your post reminded me how far behind I am with going through clothes, toys, etc. No wonder it is a mess around here! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. GEE!I wonder who that "certain someone" might be!

    You put me to shame with how productive you are.

  3. Going through clothes has been my nemesis lately. It is exhausting trying to go through all the girls clothes to make sure the sizes are right and everything is still seasonally fitting.

  4. Ugh...we need boots too! I can't find rainboots either...a necessity since it's been raining for 2 weeks here.

    The dance thing is annoying...what do the owners say?


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